3 Bedroom Changes To Improve Your Sleeping Pattern

You may or may not realise it but constantly feeling tired no matter how much sleep you’re getting can be due to a number of factors in your bedroom. From not having enough deep sleep to being woken up during the night, here’s a look at some simple ways to improve your sleep pattern.


Your sleep pattern can easily be disturbed by the lighting in the room. While curtains are closed at night, they don’t always ensure all light is kept out when the sunrises. If you find your curtains are too light or sunlight is creeping through the bottom or sides, then investing in new curtains might be the best starting point. Blackout curtains or bespoke blinds can be bought to filter out more light. Your body might be in deep sleep and be woken up by the light when you start to drift off again but your alarm goes off, this wakes you from a deep sleep, making you feel more tired than normal.


Your room will be either naturally more hot or cold and knowing which can really help you sleep. The majority of people sleep better in a room which is around 15-20º, however, staying within this range isn’t always done with ease when seasonal temperatures come into play. 

Your body needs to be cool in order to fall asleep, so you could invest in a fan or air conditioning system so that you can create a cooler room in the summer, especially if you live in a noisy city and find it hard to sleep with the windows open. However, in winter, being cold could mean struggling to get warm and this may also wake you up during the night. 

Checking the temperature of the room is the only way to find out if this is the reason for your bad sleeping patterns. But you can also invest in a smartwatch and download a sleeping app. It will highlight when you’re in deep sleep and any bad sleeping periods. From there it also offers suggestions on how to improve your sleep.


It’s proven that certain scents help with sleep. But how do they work? Scents such as lavender, chamomile, and geranium don’t actually improve sleep, they do however reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn helps you to sleep. You can buy diffusers, pillow sprays and nasal strips to try this out.

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