4 Techniques to Boost Your Running Motivation

4 Techniques To Boost Your Running Motivation

A new year always comes with new goals and if you’re a month into your new fitness routine and struggle with the motivation, you’re not alone. Running is a strenuous exercise to take up, and you genuinely feel your fitness when you begin jogging. If you’re looking for a new way to motivate yourself, here are four tips from buying the right fitness clothing to planning out your routine that work extremely well for beginners.

Group Running

If you live in a busy city, you’ve probably seen running groups making their way through the town. Running groups are a great way to avoid skipping your workout, having people rely on your attendance gives you the drive to put on your gym gear and head down to the meeting point. You can find a lot of running groups online or even pay for somewhere a trainer is involved and will give you tips on your technique. However, if you don’t want to pay or don’t fancy meeting new people and slowing the group down, getting a running partner will also help with your motivation, they will be able to push you to run on the day you don’t really feel like it.

Gym wear

It will come as no surprise that you will feel sore all over after a good run, which doesn’t set you up well for the next run or even just the rest of your day. It’s worth investing in running clothing that has been scientifically designed to help everyone workout. Running leggings are designed with compression to support your muscles while you run, this, in turn, reduces the aching that can occur after the run and speed up your recovery. It’s also worth considering new running training which can make the most significant difference. Going into a store with an expert will really help you pick the correct pair to match your running style and the shape of your foot, again this will reduce any pain you feel after an intense workout.

Planning & Goals

For a rare few, turning up to the gym and running for as long as possible might work as an unorganised plan, however for the rest of us, some structure might be needed. Setting goals are essential for tracking your progression regardless of whether you prefer to road run or prefer using a treadmill. Even setting yourself a small goal makes all the difference, aim to run 5km within a month means you can keep trying to hit it and over that period you’ll find yourself getting closer and closer. Weight loss, time and distance all tend to be the critical goal put in place and planning how often or when you will be attending the gym is also essential to maintain your fitness routine.

Personal Trainer

This is likely to help you the most as is combines the majority of what is mentioned above. Hiring a PT will give you the motivation to get into the gym each week and smash your targets. The PT will review your goals and optimise your workouts to help you benefit the most out of each workout, they will also give you dietary advice and warm-ups and cools downs to help with your workout not getting in the way of your daily routine.

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