5 Killer Web Design Tips Even Non-Designers Need to Follow

5 Killer Web Design Tips Even Non-Designers Need to Follow

So, you are all set for the next big venture. The design is ready, the content is set, the website is nearly done, and the only thing left is to implement the website design. From a distance, it feels like an easy job. But when you start to put things in the perspective, you will realize the importance of good website design and a great one.

I started as a website designer, which gives me an edge to speak freely about the design elements of the website. If you are starting out as a new business, or even a well-established business, it is your job to take care of the design elements.

Suppose you take the courage and put yourself out there. But, the problem is, you are not a designer. You have a little knowledge and how about design, but you cannot tell the difference between a good and a bad design. Worry not, here are five tips that can help you to make a killer website.

  • Understand the difference between a good design & great design

You might have visited tons of websites that that done the right aesthetics, but those aesthetics don’t mean anything if your design is not a great one. What is the indication of a great design? Well, for starters, it grabs the attention of the user. Despite the text and the graphics, a great design speaks from the heart. It tells why it is necessary to buy from that website.

  • Study the typeface

Even the layman knows and differentiates a good typeface from a bad one. It is your job to ensure that people can relate to your typeface. If the typeface is not familiar and people cannot understand the design, this might increase the bounce rate on your website.

  • Pick colors and stick to them

Have you ever visited a website and got confused on the color scheme? With a variety of colors, there is an enormous amount of choice for the website developers to choose from. As my friend who owns a design agency Toronto, said it best that “No matter how much effort you put on the design if the colors are not consistent in your brand, it will confuse the customer in the end.”

  • Use the right size of photos

Whether you are starting an eCommerce website or a small product-based website, you need to display images that represent the brighter side of your website. The photos you use will speak about the brand values you are about to put your brand. The photos you put out there will bring the best or the worst of your responsive web design out there in the market.

  • Use the right amount of spaces

It is often difficult to get the white space in the right manner. A couple of CEO’s make this mistake of doing taking away the right spaces and out of the context. If you have an eCommerce product, you need to understand that using the spaces in the right position will lead to greater clarity for your product. If you learn how to use the white space in the right position you will be able to bring the focus of your customer on the product that you are selling.

On the concluding end. You need to take care of the website design elements that are holding your website together. If you want your business to grow, you need to plan website in a manner that is simple, user-friendly and delivers the right message of your brand. The design is what makes the perception of your brand towards your user.

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