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7 Amazing Trends in Web Design That Every Designer Know in 2019

We are here in 2019, the last year of this decade with so many innovations to look out for. The world is using the internet with its full potential. Every industry is utilizing the power of the internet in the best way possible. Reaching the target audience seems to be an easy job with lesser investment. In fact, the competition in this virtual market has escalated manifold. A web design needs to be very innovative to keep up with this growing competition so that the business can flourish. Due to the excellent innovations from the pack of professional website designer, the businesses can afford elegant trends to add to their online presence and make it big.

The creativity of the mass has given birth to intelligent trends that surely engage the visitors for a long period of time giving a better chance of converting them into potential leads. Bold colors, asymmetric layouts, smarter templates, vibrant illustrations, etc are the part of these trends. In fact, the websites are also becoming extremely smarter with the advent and inclusion of AI, machine learning, data science, and other strengths. The year 2019 will earmark the development of websites with the following trends mentioned below.

Amazing website design trends 2019

  1. 3D illustrations

Say goodbye to the old 2D illustrations used in the websites. The mundane outlook will now be replaced by the elegance of 3D effects used in the features of a website. The web designers are adding an extra dimension to the websites by converting the platform into a more interactive one using 3D effects.

The 3D effects are being used in the form of playful cartoons, excellent product images with depths, realistic graphics, etc. Sharpening the contrast in the photos by manipulating the digital elements will create a perfect phase where the visitors can easily connect with concepts of the products sold on the websites.

  1. Serifs on the screen

There is a common convention of using Sans Serif for the screen due to its excellent readability and Serif for the printing purposes. This trend is currently being shaken up by the brands as they prefer Serif more in their websites. The bold version of this font is being used in a higher degree in the heading and callouts. Serifs are practically designed for a better quality design and decoration in the website themes. The perfect emphasis on the brand of the business can be achieved using Bold Serifs in the online platform. It has been found that this old font has excellent characters to use in the content body. For an instance, MailChimp uses rounded Serifs to impart elegance in its branding. The wedged Serifs are being used by Medium for an extremely modern look.

  1. Monochromatic palettes

The most intriguing part of an online presence is its color. Choosing the right color is of utmost importance and this is what the web design services for small business do it perfectly. The use of monochromatic palettes such as black and white is cultivating a mood and perfectly unifies the brand of the business. The visual landmarks are created remarkably keeping etching permanent impressions in the visitor’s mind.

Using these palettes will make the shapes and textures of the website more impressive and noticeable. Using white also makes a website assertive and stronger in appearance. This black and white combination gives a website a bold color that proves to be very effective for many brands.

  1. Outlined texts

A brand depends on its log design. A design-driven brand will require high profile typography to add more elegance to its web presence. The striking features of the outlined fonts are making a perfect ambiance for the brands to engage and create an impression in the viewer’s mind. The elusive half-present half-gone fonts in the brand logo offer an elusive effect to the viewer’s eye. A proficient web design company can easily use this elegant effect in the website and logo design to make it a perfect presentation of the brand.

  1. Organic shapes

The web pages typically follow systemic grids previously. The web designers like to use geometric shapes and sharp lines to add an extra edge to the boldness of the website. In fact, the professional web designers are considering organic shapes even more than the sharp edged geometric shapes to connect with the viewers even more.

The organic curves are imperfect and naturally asymmetric. This asymmetry adds more depth to the website and makes the elements in the pages stand out. The natural shapes of cartoon leaves, fruits, people, characters, trees, hills, buildings, etc look like a free-hand drawing or accidental splatter giving the interface a real look with the gift of illusion.

  1. Glitch art

Glitch art is a typical retro design that perfectly projects the imperfection. Glitches, in this aspect, are distorted images and other elements of the website. These elements perfectly capture the mind of the viewers and engage their senses for a long span of time. In fact, this particular trend can be very useful to create a permanent impression of the brand too. The small business web design packages with such innovative ideas can easily penetrate the audience’s mind to make a better impact.

  1. Micro-interactions

Forget the old mundane websites when this new innovation will take over. The micro-interactions are termed as the perfect feature to add to your website that will influence the thinking of a visitor. For an instance, when you like a picture on Facebook, you hear an interactive sound. When you congratulate anyone on this social media platform, the love hearts emerge from the base. These interactions can be specifically used to make the website more interactive and engaging.


Look out for more trends when you hire freelance web designer. He will show you more ideas and trends to incorporate in the website and make it a better platform for the business to flourish. Hire a web designer cost you less than promoting a brand physically. Utilize the supremacy of these trends and enhance your online presence in the perfect way.

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