Air Gates of America: 7 Largest Airports in the United States

America occupies the first position in the world in the number of airports. Thus, many people have the following question: How many airports are there in the US? Generally, there are more than 15,000 ones and among them 44 airports of international importance are scattered throughout the country. The number of airfields in America impress in its scale, because all of them are included into the top 100 leading airports in the world. At the US airports the highest level of service is provided, and they are situated in points with well-developed infrastructure. So, let’s look at the biggest American air gates…

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta, Georgia

delta airlines Boeing 757-200. Night photo

(photo by Romeo-Tango photography)

It’s interesting to know that Atlanta Airport ranks first among all airports in the world, as it serves the greatest number of passengers: the monthly flow of passengers is about 7,880,000 people. This is a fairly large value, thanks to which this air jetty is the leader among the rest of the world’s air harbors. Therefore, the local government is interested in improving Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

At the very beginning of the formation, the air harbor was just a small provincial airfield with one runway. Now it’s so huge that by looking at other US airports on the map you can already understand the scale of the object. The huge area allowed to build a subway on the territory of this complex, as well as a high-quality ground transportation system, including buses, trains and the opportunity to get a rental car at Atlanta Airport Georgia.


O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois

O'Hare ATC Tower

(photo by Brent Danley)

O`Hare is the 3rd US airport in terms of passenger traffic and the 5th in world statistics. This air gate is located in Chicago. Until 2005, it was the largest and most popular airport. On average, about 70 million passengers fly by airplanes from this place every month. There are 4 terminals on its territory.


John F. Kennedy Airport, New York

2008-12-03 - 009

(photo by vmax137)

John F. Kennedy Airport, which was named after the 35th President of the country, provides services to more than 90 airlines and occupies leading positions in passenger and freight traffic. For this reason, the name “main international gateway” was attached to this airport located in New York.

This is quite an old air harbor since it was built in 1947. Inside of the airport building, everything is equipped according modern standards: excellent infrastructure and convenient location of all necessary facilities and services really impress. In terms of architecture, it can be called a modern landmark of America. The air terminal complex includes 6 terminals, 125 air gates and parking for 15,000 lots. The average number of passengers per year is 53 million.


Los Angeles International Airport, California


Built in 1929, Los Angeles Airport is deservedly included into the list of the largest US airports – it deservedly won second place in terms of passenger flow. On average, the number of passengers is more than 70.5 million people per year. It’s so huge that it even has its own metro line with the station. Its 4 runways create perfect air gates to Europe, Asia, South and Central America. By the way, this airport is the 6th largest in the world in terms of total area.


Denver International Airport, Colorado

View from DEN

Denver Airport is among the largest US gateways. It’s located in Denver, Colorado and its area is about 140 square kilometers. It was built taking into consideration future expansion. Now the government plans to modernize this air harbor, so that it becomes the largest one both in size and passenger workload not only in America, but throughout the world. Speaking of air traffic, it ranks fifth in the world. There’s a special baggage management system which uses a computer. Free Wi-Fi is also presented on the whole territory. The annual passenger traffic is 52.7 million people.


Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, Texas

By the annual passengers flow, Dallas Airport is stand on the 3rd position in the United States and 7th in the world. This air jetty operates flights to 190 destinations worldwide. Its territory features 7 runways, 4 internal and 1 international serving terminals, and more than 60,000 workers are involved in airport maintenance. Fort Worth Airport has been operating since 1973.


San Francisco International Airport, California

San Francisco airport

At international airports, foreign tourists especially appreciate the impeccable level of service. The air gate in San Francisco is considered to be the best airport in the US because of its excellent service and thorough control at the airport. On the territory, everything is thought-out to the smallest detail, so that passengers can quickly navigate the huge structure: its signs and signage plates allow you to find what you need very quickly, without making stops during movement. This is a competent impact on the subconscious, which greatly reduces the time to find the right place in the building.

This airport is the largest getaway in terms of passenger traffic in San Francisco and the second in California. On the territory of the airport there are three terminals. Despite the repeated drop in passenger traffic, today San Francisco Airport is a rather demanded air jetty in the United States.

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