Casinos of Las Vegas: 5 Spots for Inveterate Gamblers

Casinos are the major attractions of Las Vegas. Since gambling has been legalized in Nevada, Las Vegas accepts millions of bold and reckless people. Neon signs of local casino-hotels, like an oasis in the desert, attract and beckon with their bright lights tourists from all over the world. Many people come to the Sin City year by year to play roulette at their favorite casino or win a large sum at a poker table. However, those who travel to Las Vegas for the first time don’t yet know what to expect.

If you are going to visit Las Vegas, then you should know about the best casinos in the city that have long established themselves among players and continue to take care of their rating and high reputation. Here are the best of them

Aria Casino

Aria Casino is the only place in the whole CityCenter complex, where you can play casino. This is a very beautiful gambling spot. Gaming tables and slots are surrounded by restaurants, cafes and shops. And unlike other casinos in Las Vegas, daylight penetrates through the windows, which makes this place truly unique. Aria Casino is situated just 3 miles away from the airport, making car rental in Las Vegas a perfect way to reach it.

Unofficial Final Table

The following games are available in Aria casino:

  • Baccarat (rates from $100-$15,000);
  • Mini Baccarat ($25-$15,000);
  • Blackjack ($ 10- $10,000);
  • 24 poker tables;
  • Big Six;
  • Caribbean Stud;
  • Let it Ride.

Also, Aria complex houses the excellent shopping center called Shops at Crystals with boutiques of all fashion giants – Versace, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior and Louis Vuitton.


Caesar Palace

Caesar Palace is a huge entertainment complex, decorated in the style of Ancient Rome and consisting of a casino and a hotel. In addition to beautiful statues, Roman soldiers, columns and other attributes of a luxurious era in the world’s history, there’s a luxurious casino. In Caesar Palace you can participate in sports events, and make great bets on sporting events. Also, there is the opportunity to play in a more private atmosphere.

03/08/11 Viatge "From LA-to-Las Vegas-to-San Francisco"

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Slot machines of Caesar Palace in Las Vegas are a test for the bravest gamblers. They can please the lucky players with a $500 prize and a $1 million jackpot. However, keep in mind that in the machine itself you can take the maximum winnings of $500, and if your prize is larger, it will be paid by the voucher. Keep in mind that the slots with the highest stakes are located right at the main entrance to the Caesar Palace.

The list of the games available in Caesar Palace includes:

  • Baccarat (accept rates from $100-$15,000);
  • Mini Baccarat ($25-$15,000);
  • Blackjack ($10- $10,000);
  • 62 poker tables;
  • Big Six;
  • Caribbean Stud;
  • Let it Ride;
  • Spanish 21.

In addition to the casino, Caesar Palace features the complex with a large shopping center, where you’ll find shops of all fashion brands, including Victoria’s Secret.


Mandalay Bay Casino

Mandalay Bay is the best representative of tropics and beach recreation among all casinos in Las Vegas. It’s located on the very south of the Strip. The territory of Mandalay Bay Casino is full of large swimming pools, where breathtaking beach parties are usually held.

Mandalay Bay Casino Gaming Floor, Las Vegas

In Mandalay Bay, you can bet on sports events – there is a special large hall, equipped with 17 huge screens, and around it there are excellent bars serving wonderful snacks. 2400 slot machines are waiting for players who want to try their luck. The best among them are machines with video-poker.

Here’re all games you can play at Mandalay Bay Casino:

  • Baccarat (accept rates from $100-$15,000);
  • Mini Baccarat ($25-$15,000);
  • Blackjack ($10- $10,000);
  • 10 tables for poker;
  • Caribbean Stud;
  • Let it Ride.

Mandalay Bay entertainment complex also includes: the Shark Reef Aquarium, a beach club, as well as many restaurants and bars.


Golden Nugget Casino

At first sight, Golden Nugget with its marble hall may seem a little pretentious for Fremont Street. However, this is definitely one of the greatest casinos in Las Vegas Downtown. You can play there at low rates (from $5), unlike in other major casinos situated on the Strip. And at the same time, the highest rates in Downtown of $2,500 are allowed there. Recent renovation of the casino reflected on the slot machines: now you can enjoy excellent one-armed bandits with video-poker and screens for sports betting.

Golden Nugget ~ Las Vegas

Games available at Golden Nugget:

  • Mini Baccarat ($5-$2,500);
  • Blackjack ($5-$2,500);
  • Let It Ride;
  • 13 poker tables.

In addition, Golden Nugget casino hosts gambling lessons every day at 10am.


Rio Casino

Rio Casino is unique place. When visiting it, you get into the atmosphere of the Brazilian carnival, which means it’s funny and really hot! It may seem surprising, but Rio Casino in Las Vegas occupies the area of ​​two blocks. The stakes are quite high there, so if you want to play with less risk, then you can try your luck not in the central casino halls. The locals like to come there to play poker, so you can find the most serious rivals among them.


What can you play in Rio Casino:

  • Bacarrat ($100-$15,000);
  • Blackjack ($15-$10,000);
  • Let It Ride;
  • 8 poker tables.

Near Rio Casino there are a huge number of all kinds of restaurants and bars, as well as the famous VooDoo Zip Line.

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