Celebrity Beauty: Short-Lived Fads or Here to Stay?

Celebrities seem to be a rare bunch who never age, and this seems to be due to them indulging in a range of strange beauty treatments to keep them looking fresh. We will look at some of the newest celebrity beauty trends and whether they are temporary trends or long-lasting obsessions. Any of these treatments can have serious implications if not performed by a medically trained professional. As they are all favoured by celebrities, many other unqualified salons may attempt to replicate these treatments. So, ensure you go to a reputable aesthetic clinic, as they not only have detailed knowledge about the products and how they work, but it is also likely that the results will be far more effective.


Fat-Freezing Treatments

With celebrities like Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian reportedly huge fans of this treatment, it has also proven to be a great success with the public. Although it can be pricey, the non-surgical cosmetic procedure accurately delivers precisely-controlled cooling to target the fat cells underneath, without damaging the skin. It can target key areas all over the body, and is especially effective on areas of fat that are stubborn and can’t be removed through exercise. People’s lifestyles are increasingly busy, and they no longer have time to be spending hours and hours a week in the gym to gain the perfect body, so I think this treatment is going to be staying around for a while.


Vampire Facials

Kim Kardashian shocked her millions of followers when she posted a selfie after one of her facials. This was no ordinary facial, but a vampire facial, that involves taking blood out of the arms, removing the platelets and then injecting the blood back into the face! Many people think that this is taking it a bit far, with Kim even admitting that the procedure was rough and painful. The treatment is being criticised more than ever, as two people who received the treatment at a spa have tested positive for HIV, following the injection related procedure. This proves the dangers of treatments done by under qualified people, but I think that it would be advisable to give this one a miss in any circumstance!


Japanese Geisha Facials

The old superstition that having a bird poop on you is good luck is popular, yet for most of us, anything to do with bird poop isn’t something to be happy about. This treatment involved people voluntarily dealing with bird poop, and then proceeding to… put it on their face. I know. With this treatment being a favourite of Victoria Beckham, you may initially be tempted to try it. However, when you find out that is largely made up of BIRD EXCREMENT you may not be quite so excited. This weird yet apparently wonderful treatment reportedly uses the droppings from a nightingale, sanitises them and then they are turned into a powder to use on the face, increasing the skins brightness and leaving  a natural glow. For many people, this is just a bit too weird, so I don’t think we will be seeing this on the market for much longer.



This chilly treatment is extremely popular among the rich and famous, as it reportedly improves health and wellness as you are exposed to -130 celsius for around 3 minutes. It is designed for people wanting to recharge and improve their overall health. Some celebrities have even had their own cryotherapy equipment installed into their own homes, although this probably isn’t an option for most of us! The stars who swear by this treatment range from Daniel Craig and Jennifer Aniston to sports stars like Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo and Conor McGregor. It also seems to be a firm favourite with the Victoria Secret models. Due to the wide range of celebrity endorsers, I have a feeling that this treatment is going to stay.

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