Does Your Business Have a Cybersecurity Plan?

With a phenomenal volume of technological advancements that the world has witnessed in only the last ten years, it makes sense that businesses adjust their operational strategies towards optimizing the security of their data.

Findings show that cyber-crime in the United States alone costs the economy around $400 billion in a year. Every year emerging technologies don’t just bring exciting opportunities for business but another outlet for hackers to exploit. Our businesses rely on the internet and technology so much that we forget we have to raise the standard of cybersecurity Virginia, Miami or Chicago, businesses across the nation need to have a robust cybersecurity plan.  

If you don’t have a cybersecurity plan yet, here are some reasons that may change your mind.

Mobiles are increasing your Exposure to Attacks

No one can stop or even slow down the increasing usage of mobile devices. This technology may seem relatively new but it is garnering an amazing amount of traction and that too with the people you work with, share project details with and make responsible for confidential data.

Here is why mobile devices are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

  • New devices are not assessed for all possible risks because none have happened to them yet, making them fairly unprotected.
  • Mobile devices are close to the number one thing that is prone to get stranded in airports and lost in big cities due to theft.
  • The whole point of having a mobile device is so that you can access the internet on the go, and for that one does hop from one Wi-Fi spot to another. Public Wi-Fi is not the safest to use. The modern mobile malware easily attaches itself to Wi-Fi.   

A Cyber Security Plan Boosts Your Clients’ Loyalty

Both your customers and your investors are likely to lean towards a business that is taking extra measures to ensure that all data is protected, which means their information is too. This makes for a strong selling point when pitching to new clientele or new investors. You do not want your client retention to suffer because you never thought cybersecurity mattered.

On top of this, you are not only providing an extra feature, but you are also creating a buzz for your business. Make it a rule of how things are run.

Regulatory Actions

On 1st March 2017, various cities saw the cybersecurity regulations becoming official. This included cities like New York, which is the largest business capital of the world. By not having an adequate policy in place, a business could soon be in breach of this regulation. That business can be subject to certain reviews, audits, and heavy tax compliances. Having your trust broken in the industry on whether you can protect sensitive data is disastrous not just to a business’s reputation but its prospects in the market.

Hackers Never Rest

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities. This means that their eyes are on your website, server, and network all the time, leave a single outlet exposed and they will latch on to it. The trouble with cyber-attacks is the motive. If its data they are after you may find out about the attack when it’s too late. You want a system that detects and protects.

It helps if your corporate culture reflects on this too. Make sure that your employees are trained on protocols and the basics of cyber security so that their devices are not subject to attacks, which ultimately means you are not a victim to it either.   

Cybersecurity is the future. It is the added nail that confirms the stability of a business no matter what its size. The strategies that one harbor to keep their business afloat must include a plan that offers protection of data. It gives businesses an edge over its competitors and clients never lose faith in your work.

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