Eat More, Pay Less: TOP Popular Places For Students To Eat For Cheap

Eat More, Pay Less: TOP Popular Places For Students To Eat For Cheap

Do you study in Frankfurt? Of course, if you live and study here you have to find good places to eat. Don’t worry about your student budget! There are many eateries, where you can enjoy your meal for cheap in Frankfurt. Can’t you believe it?

Frankfurt has the reputation of expensive city, but this doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to have the best food in town. You may use Google help to find the cheapest places to eat. The list must be never ending, offering you to visit sushi, pizza, burgers, and others. By the way, it is enough for you to read this article to discover the best of them. The first list you can find below offers you cheap dishes from the expensive eateries. They all are easy to get by car. You may use any of Frankfurt vehicles or car rental by Rentalcars24h for your student travel needs. Remember, Frankfurt car travel is available for students under 21! Let’s do it!

Veggie Pizza in der L'Osteria Köln

Cheap Eateries in Frankfurt

As the student’s budget is tight, you have to find cheaper alternatives to feed. Of course, you may cook at home. It may be cheaper and healthier as you don’t eat fast food and junk food every day. You may save a lot of money by cooking at home. But what if you want something to eat faster than cooking or spend some time with friends for dinner?

  1. Aroma

This is a space of Mediterranean food in Germany. The restaurant offers tasty shawarma and falafel. This is the most popular place of cheap and delicious food in Frankfurt – rated as 4,5/5 by TripAdvisor users.

Address: 80, Oeder Weg, Frankfurt

  1. Aroydee

Welcome to Thai restaurant in the center of Frankfurt. Traditionally, the restaurant serves Thai noodles, rice, or spicy soup. The food is light and hot!

Address: 34, Stiftstraße St, Frankfurt

  1. L’Osteria

Did you miss fast food tasty dishes? The pizzas here are huge! It costs you no more than 10 EUR, but you can come with your friends and share fresh aromatic pizzas!

Address: 1, Speicherstraße St, Frankfurt

  1. Pak Choi

The restaurant is comfortably situated not far from the Main Tower and Stoltze Museum. If you are tired from walking, welcome to the popular Chinese restaurant. The prices are low and the tastes are amazing!

Address: 12, Elbestraße St, Frankfurt

Lunch at the Cricket Club

The Cheapest Eateries in Frankfurt

When the exam crazy days begin, you are lucky if you have dinner regularly! This is a period when you need the cheapest dishes to save your budget and feed the stomach demons. Your road trip will not be so long. The cheapest eateries can be found not far from the city center.


This is a large indoor food market. You can buy some food to cook at home. Also, there are few small tables for eating here. The food is cheap and tasty, and pleasant for your pockets.


If you feel very-very hungry, you need to visit a place with huge portions! The food of Klosterhol will satisfy your hunger at all.

Arche Nova

This place is good to everyone, who prefers vegetarian dishes. The most of dishes here is organic, but still tasty and aromatic.

Pizza Pasta Factory

There is nothing better than pizza or pasta! You can find about 40 possible toppings for pizza, including sweet and fruit variants.


This place welcomes you for breakfast. If you’re up late, remember the kitchen serves until 11 pm.

// OBSERVE // HOSPITALITY // The Steigenberger Hotel // Bad Homburg // Germany // A Grand Hotel In The Heart Of Urban Beauty //

MUST-TRY Dishes in Frankfurt

Grune Soße (green sauce)

This local dish is called a green sauce. It is cooked from eggs, sour cream and different aromatic herbs. Locals like it very much. What is more, the herbs for the sauce can only be grown in the very specific conditions. This is the main ingredient to make the dish perfect. The sauce is good with eggs and potatoes. It also goes with pork or other meat.

Frankfurter Rippchen

This is a popular meat dish: pork which is traditionally served with mashed potatoes, potato salad, or slice of bread. This is the cheapest dish for all meat-lovers. The pork looks pink and juicy and absolutely delicious.


This is a kind of sausage, which is known as bologna. It goes with a bread roll and mustard. This is the most popular and cheapest street snack here.


Falafel dishes are popular in Germany. This is a wide spread vegetarian meal. It looks like a ball of ground chickpeas or fava beans that are deep fried. The dish is served with sandwiched or salad, pickled vegetables and various sauces.

the three elements

So, there are many places in Frankfurt to visit if you’re hungry and on a budget. They are good for students, Frankfurt car travelers and locals who don’t like overpaying for a tasty food. Don’t worry about the food quality. Cheap dishes can be good and delicious. You can find them everywhere in the city. Take a walk around the city center or drive your car in far regions. You can find a series of hip, cool bars to grab a drink before heading home (or staying out).

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