Everything You Need To Know About The Backhoe

Everything You Need To Know About The Backhoe

The backhoe, also known as the backhoe loader, is the machinery often seen at construction sites being used to excavate material with its hydraulic arms and hinged bucket on the backend of the machine. Backhoes are uniquely designed to serve the purpose of two machines in one. They are used in digging projects to dig up dirt and move it around the construction site, and they are also used for excavation jobs which are why they are so popular among contractors.

Functions and Importance

Besides lifting and digging, backhoes can be used for other purposes due to the fact that they can be fitted with hydraulic power attachments. The most commonly used backhoe attachments are breakers and hammers which are utilized to break up concrete, asphalt, and rocky soil. Other attachments include rippers, couplers, compactors, tiger teeth, and snow plows which can help in breaking up snow in the northern areas. You can ask your industrial equipment supplier for the attachments that will be needed for your work. Attachments such as a frost bucket, rotary cutter, or static ripper allow the backhoe to be diverse letting it dig in frozen ground and hard soil with ease.

You will find backhoe loaders being used in dozing, levelling, landscaping, and demolition work. They are also used to clean out ditches and to transport materials. They are able to do jobs of all types and sizes, and they are built to carry loads and move around easily on-site.

The power and efficiency of backhoes make them one of the most important machines in a fleet which is why they are common among the first purchases that a contractor makes when starting work. A backhoe’s adaptability allows it to be used not only in the construction industry but also in agriculture, landscaping, and other industries.

The fact that they are lightweight and are able to lift heavier loads provides them with an edge over newer machinery like skid steers, and their ability to serve multiple purposes allows them to remain relevant despite newer equipment being introduced.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying or Leasing a Backhoe

When you are considering equipment for your project, whether you need to excavate or dig in the ground or both, you should consider buying or leasing a backhoe for your project. There are several factors that make backhoes stand out among other heavy machinery.

Those factors include:

  • Multi-Purpose Functionality: Backhoes are designed to serve multiple purposes with a loader in the front and a hoe in the back, which allows them to dig, lift, and excavate, doing the job of two machines in one.
  • Mobility: The fact that the backhoe can easily travel across a job site and can also drive on roads makes the job easier and increases productivity.
  • Diversity: Besides the intended functions of the backhoe, it serves a number of other roles and functions in different capacities. It can be used to bury gas and water lines, break up frozen snow mounds, or even to dig graves.
  • Attachments: The thing that really makes the backhoe so versatile is the fact that it can be utilized for more than just construction work with the help of the right attachments.
  • Deep Digging: When it comes to underground work, backhoes are an excellent choice. They are able to handle deep digging, and their strong visibility and large windows allow the machine operator to look into the post hole they are working in.
  • Heavy Lifting: Backhoes are known for their stability and balance. They can lift heavy loads and are often used to lay down gas and other utility lines and backfill trenches.
  • A Good Investment: Backhoes are a sound investment. Even without any attachments, the machine itself serves the purpose of two and saves money during any projects. The backhoe is often one of the first pieces of equipment that contractors buy for their fleet.

If your construction project needs a machine that has all of the above, I would consider a backhoe for the job.

Everything You Need To Know About The Backhoe

Maintain Your Backhoe Loader

Just because your equipment is known for being sturdy doesn’t mean that you can skip on its maintenance. For your backhoe to remain in top condition, it is important to follow the required maintenance duties so that it continues to function as it should and needs fewer repairs.

If you take the following preventative measures when it comes to maintaining your backhoe loader, it will serve you well in keeping it the most productive.

  1. Regular Checks: Make sure to check your equipment regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Before use, ensure there are not any leaks or worn-out belts. After use, make sure to clean up your backhoe to prevent any damage and deterioration.
  2. Grease: Regular greasing is very important to make sure that the machine moves properly. Grease is necessary to reduce friction and lessen the wear on the backhoe, so make sure to grease all the joints and hinges at the required intervals suggested by the manufacturer.
  3. Air Filters: Keep an eye on the air filters as dirt and debris tend to clog them which can lead to several other complications.
  4. Attachments: Make sure to store the attachments properly, and when using attachments, ensure that they are compatible with the backhoe.
  5. Hydraulic Hoses: Hoses must be tied properly and not left unfastened. They are often ripped open because of the operators messing up routes, so make sure they are attached securely and check regularly for any damages.
  6. Fluids: Having low fluid levels can be seriously damaging for the machinery, so make sure to keep the fluids (oil, hydraulic fluids, and coolants) at the recommended levels.

Following the suggestions of the manufacturer is always recommended. Even if you are a qualified technician, it is always better to take preventative measures with your equipment especially if you’ve found good quality used heavy construction equipment for sale. You have to maintain it from the beginning so it doesn’t need repairs and continues to be productive.

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