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Without a good GMAT score, it can be very difficult to secure an admit to the business school of one’s choice. As with all competitive examinations, there are a variety of coaching services that offer to improve the aspirant’s performance. Some are, of course, better than others. As GMAT preparation is a serious commitment of time and energy, it is vital to choose a coaching service that can live up to its claims. One such service is Experts’ Global; an EdTech firm founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava their online GMAT prep course is second to none.

Video Instruction

Experts’ Global makes extensive use of instructional videos; with over 100 short and crisp instructional videos, they cover the entire scope of GMAT in an organized and efficient way. The Experts’ Global test series provides video explanations for each one of its questions. These explanations not only provide guidance for the students when they cannot solve a particular question but also show them more efficient methods of solving the questions they do get right. There are also text explanations for those who do not want to watch the videos.

The similarity to the GMAT

The most important thing about the Experts’ Global Online GMAT Preparation is its overall similarity to the real GMAT. Their four thousand training questions and mock test questions are designed to mimic the GMAT in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. The scoring system employed by Experts’ Global is also highly similar to the GMAT, as evidenced by the congruence between their students’ scores on the GMAT and their final mocks. It is in this area that Experts’ Global truly outshines its competitors. Most other services cannot promise anywhere near this level of accuracy.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

As part of its online training program, Experts’ Global provides its students with fifteen, full-length mock tests. This is considerably more than most other similar services. Frequently giving mock exams, to build up endurance and naturally develop strategy is one of the cornerstones of Experts’ Global’s training philosophy. As mentioned earlier, these tests are incredibly close to the GMAT in the quality of their questions and in how they are scored. This is important as it ensures that all students get an accurate assessment of their GMAT performance.

Weakness Diagnosis

The usefulness of these preparatory questions and mock tests is further bolstered by Experts’ Global’s analytics software. After every mock test, the system informs the student of which areas, in quant and verbal, they performed the best and worst in. It also tells the student exactly how long they took, on average, for each question. The program can also analyze multiple past performances to give the students a broader look at their weaknesses. This gives the students a clear understanding of exactly which areas they need to improve upon. It is also quite convenient to have a feature that can automatically diagnose one’s weak areas.

Special Features

The Experts’ Global Online GMAT Training Module includes several innovative features designed to facilitate learning. One of the most useful ones is the flag feature. This feature lets the students mark questions so that they can revisit them later. This is primarily a convenience feature. By helping students to access questions that they found particularly useful, the program encourages them to revise important topics, even more thoroughly. Using this feature, students can keep a file of hundreds of questions that they can keep coming back to. Another very useful feature is the “sticky”. The sticky is a small, colored pop-up screen that the students can affix to their front page and use to take notes. This gives the students a convenient place to jot down important information while solving questions and watching videos. These may seem like small details but these small innovations show just how dedicated Experts’ Global is to improving every element of their students’ experience.

The Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is an excellently constructed resource. It steadily but surely prepares its users for the GMAT, through rigorous but well-paced testing. The instruction provided in the program is also top-notch, with hours of high-quality educational content. There are few other GMAT related programs that can match the comprehensive nature of Experts’ Globals. The program caters to the students every need and if followed properly is guaranteed to result in a vast improvement in GMAT performance.

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