Fashion for Women: 5 Modern Ways How a Good Denim Skirt Can Give You Style

Some women shy away from denim skirt because they seem tricky when it comes to pulling off a good style. But denim skirts can provide us an aesthetic fashion aura like no other clothing if you only know the different ways to wear it.

Well, actually, denim skirts are a piece of clothing who gained popularity in the 1970s. But it got a newfound hype in the 21st century, and fashion enthusiasts still go crazy over denim skirts. If you want to know about the modern ways to wear a denim skirt, read this article.

Denim Pencil Skirt with White Button-Down Shirt

Matching a denim skirt with a white button-down shirt is ideal for pulling off a laid-back vibe. You can wear it anywhere you want even in the office. If you are going to wear it to work, you just make sure that it has no rip and tear.

You can also sport pointed pumps while wearing your denim pencil skirt and white button-down shirt. Also, wear a skinny belt to highlight your waist and body figure.

Denim Maxi Skirt with Tucked-In Tank

Many fashion stylists tout the power of a denim maxi skirt in giving you a fresh and modern aura. A denim maxi skirt is ideal for accentuating the height and figure of your body. It optimizes your style with the right matching of your denim maxi skirt.

For you to achieve a modest yet modern style, you can go for a denim maxi skirt with a front slit. Pair this piece of clothing with a tucked-in tank and strap sandals. Just steer clear of any top outfit that is loose and baggy.

Denim Short Skirt Paired with a Chic Blazer

If you want to wear a short skirt in cold weather, you must strike a balance by covering your upper body. You can create this look with a turtleneck layered in a velvet blazer with your short denim skirt giving the right blend. The combination of velvet and denim is an ultimate stunner.

Denim Skirt with a Comfy Sweater

When the weather is moody, it is apt to match your denim skirt with a comfortable sweater. Not only that it will be perfect for the cold weather, but it is also an excellent way to step up your style. You can choose to tuck half of your comfy sweater into your denim skirt to create a finesse look.

Also, do not forget to add some details to your overall outfit. You can go for brown strap sandals and a nice leather sling bag for this purpose.

Denim Button-Front Mini Skirt with Leather Jacket

Button-front skirts never go out of style, especially those good denim varieties. Step up your denim skirt style by a matching upper piece of clothing such as a T-Shirt layered with a leather jacket. A leather jacket is ideal to pull off a cool aura, especially if paired with a denim button-front skirt.

You can put on a perfect finishing touch to this look by wearing ankle boots. A pair of ankle boots will do the trick of making your legs longer, especially if you wear an above-the-knee denim skirt. You can find ankle boots in fashion sites like Seed Heritage.


Denim skirts are one of those pieces of clothing that never go out of style. In fact, many fashion enthusiasts boast about the power of denim skirts in pulling off that ideal modern look for a lot of women. With just the right matching of other pieces of clothing and accessories, you can create an excellent style with your denim skirt.

For instance, you can wear a denim pencil skirt with a button-down shirt, a denim maxi skirt with a tucked-in tank, and a short denim skirt with a chic blazer. You can also pull off the right style if you match a denim skirt with a comfy sweater and denim button-front mini skirt with a leather jacket.


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