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Fate Vs Free Will! What Comes First?

We believe that God has an eminent role in the making of our fate, nonetheless, sometimes our bad choices in life have made us that whether the particular event in our life is decreed by God or we have made this worst by opting wrong things. In the past, many people including significant heroes have actually tried to escape from destiny, but ultimately they have ended up in getting surrounded by fate. We can take the example of Greek tragic hero Oedipus who had tried really hard play away destiny but ended up in getting tangled in the cage of fate despite taking all the preventions. Majority of the Greco-Roman tragedies based on the idea of fate and free-will gives us a notion that fate is pre-decided and one cannot escape it at any cost.

Even one the most powerful and darkest tragedies of all time Romeo and Juliet continue to confuse us on the topic of fate and free will. However, Romeo and Juliet could have escaped death certainly, and they would have lived happily ever after but the choices they made in their lives have turned all odds against them. Hence, we can say that sometimes our inadequate decisions are the reason for our sufferings. But the question is what we do? We simply blame our destiny for every unfortunate event in our life without realising that we had the power to turn all odds in our favour by selecting right things and by making the right decisions in life.

The question that whether fate or free will control our lives has always been there, but no one has provided a convincing answer to this question. We are always planning and plotting about our future, and our future planning thoughts tend to captivate our minds to the extent that we start believing the notion that we have the power to change our present and future. Our belief that, it is our free will that shapes the future have made us forgotten that it is indecipherable and unknowable.

Indubitably! Free will is the undeniable part of every individuals’ journey. Whether it is assignment writing service or selecting a right carrier path for us, it is all our decisions that are responsible for our failures and successes in life. But what to say when our fate entangled us in an intricate cage of destiny.

The idea that we are free to shape our lives the way we want by opting right choices and right decisions for us is very bewildering and disconcerting. The Stephen Hawking’s arguably idea “Is everything determined?” deny the notion that we are masters of our fate but resigning yourself to whatever your fate offers you is giving up on life. The question arises here is that, whether one should make his own fate by opting right choices or working hard or he should rely on the destiny to stack all the odds in the favour? However, the confusion between the idea of free will and fate has always been there from the evolution of life on Earth, and it will always be there until the end.

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