Hero MotoCorp Begins Deliveries of The Xtreme 200R In India

Hero MotoCorp Begins Deliveries of The Xtreme 200R In India

The demand and usage of two-wheelers in India, is an ever-increasing figure, rising steadily in the past 10 years or more. Almost every family in the country above the poverty line owns at least a pair of two-wheelers, and a majority of them use bikes. As follows, it is easy to say that a nation like this is a booming market for bikes, and with time, people here have begun to expect certain standards from the manufacturers. Hero Bikes has certainly made great bikes that suit both economical and excellence needs of a bike.

Hero MotoCorps which be earlier branded as Hero Honda is a leading maker of motorbikes in India as well as the world. The 2006 Forbes list of the 200 World’s Most Respected company contains this brand’s name at 108th rank. A proof to that, look at this – The company has sold over 7 crore 2-wheelers since its start in 1984 until March 2013. As a matter of fact, Hero sells more 2-wheelers than the combined figure sold by second, third and fourth placed two-wheeler corporations. As evident as it is, the company surely knows what people expect from two-wheelers when speaking in terms of excellence and performance. They always try to introduce new amazing features on their bikes that catch the customer’s eye and deliver equally well. Hero bikes with their fabulous designs have never failed to win the hearts of the customers thereby giving a great competition to other brands in the market.

People in India mainly use bikes for commuting to their workplaces. So they use the bikes on the irksome Indian roads on a daily basis. This implies that for these vehicles to run in good conditions, it’s important for them to be sturdily built and immune to the potholes on the road. As the number of road accidents is growing, it’s important for the new and upcoming vehicles to be designed with that in mind. A strong and robust vehicle body could contribute largely, to saving the life of the rider. In addition to that, they should offer superior mileage so that using it does not burn a hole in one’s pocket.

Let’s look at a list of the best Hero bikes features so that you know why Hero is mostly, the primary choice.

  • a decent combination of mileage and design
  • engines with great torque peak and rpm
  • budget-friendly and offer value for money
  • a strong body built up of lightweight materials
  • good suspension and shock-absorbing capacity
  • comfort seating and well-designed handles that make riding painless

These are some wonderful benefits of using a Hero bike in your day to day life. Hero puts a lot of planning and thoughts into each of their product. And the end result is produced with equal amounts of effort and finesse added to it. With such a massive customer base, they keep their promise of providing the best in class services pre-sales, during sales and post-sales to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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