How Alcoholism Could Affect Families

How Alcoholism Could Affect Families?

Alcoholism is something that can affects many things in our lives, including relationships and marriage. Alcoholism is considered as a health problem, because it is associated with physical and mental problems. Physiological issues may be indicated by blackouts and hand tremors. Psychological issues may include an intense desire to continue drinking. Alcoholism can cause behavioural problems, which can disrupt work and social life. Alcohol is a psychoactive substance, like cocaine and tobacco. It may alter the natural chemical balance in our brain when ingested, regardless of the amount. Alcoholism can affect different ethnic, social and income level. Even highly educated individuals are not spared from this condition. Alcoholism may cause harmful effects in our lives and this condition may last a lifetime. Parental alcoholism could cause problems to fetus, if you women have problem with alcohol addictions. Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause relationships to break up. It is not a good

Alcohol is something that can affect all members of the family, both parents and children. Even the unborn child could already affected by the mother’s lifestyle. The early exposure to alcohol could cause physical and mental issues. Unpleasant consequences could impair our coordination, concentration, memory and judgment. Emotional outbursts and extreme mood swings could happen. The actual effect of alcohol may be entirely unpredictable. Alcohol becomes a sedative on our central nervous system. This can damage our ability to respond and the nervous cells in our brains can be suppressed, altered and dulled.  Other than causing sleeping problems and respiratory failures; alcohol could also cause coma and in some cases, deaths. In reality, it is not uncommon to see families being wrecked because one of the parents passes away due alcoholic issues. Even if alcohol doesn’t cause severe physical illnesses, they altered functioning of our brain will have poor effects in our ability to engage in complex tasks and make quick decisions. It is important for parents to avoid teaching their children to drink, because they may succumb to inappropriate behaviour.

The abuse of alcohol may eventually cause health problems, which will be a bad thing for the family’s finances. Heart can become abnormal and enlarged when alcohol is ingested in large amount. Strokes and heart attacks are more likely to happen to people who have problems with alcohol consumption. Alcohol may also interfere with the ability of our body to absorb calcium. It means that older alcoholics could have more brittle, softer and weaker bones. This problem could become more serious on women. Muscles could become atrophied on alcoholics and they become weaker. This will be a bad thing for parents who need actual physical strength for their daily works. They will have problems both at the workplace and home, while doing chores. If there’s a member of the family is affected by alcoholism, it is important that other members are working together to solve the problems. We should know that there are many chemicals in our body that affect the internal organ functions.

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