How To Ensure That Your Windshield Works Properly

How To Ensure That Your Windshield Works Properly?

It can be really risky when you are driving when it is raining heavily. You will need to drive slowly, because it is likely that you will barely able to see the outside situation. In this situation, you will need to deal with zero visibility and it is quite easy to miss one or a few things, as they are obscured by fog and rain. In this situation, windshield wipers have significant importance. Without a good wiper, you will need to stop your vehicle until the rain stops. It is obviously not a good thing if you need every a few yards to wipe the windscreen. If you wiper isn’t powerful enough, it won’t be able to keep up with the intense downpour and you won’t be able to see anything, which will put you into an immense risk.

If rainy season is particularly severe in your area, you may consider using a larger wiper that can remove more water from your windscreen in a single stroke. There are two important mechanical components that operate your wipers, the worm gear reduction and electric motor. It will take a lot of force to move the blades back and forth across your windshield. Because the electric motor for your wipers is relatively small, worm gear is needed to multiply the torque by up to fifty times. It is an absolute fact that you need good wipers and you should have improved visibility during any kind of situation. Other than water, you also need to remove snowflakes from your windshields.

Many car owners seek other methods to improve visibility during heavy rains. However, if you have inappropriate methods, you could end become annoyed by the results. It is important that you have alternative options to achieve good results. A more sophisticated solution is to use wipers that can sense when rain starts to hit the windshields. An optical sensor can be mounted at the back of the rear view mirror and it will detect the amount of rain that hits the glass. It means that we don’t need to constantly work with the windshield level. The blades will move automatically based on the intensity of the rain.

Another concern is that you need to be able to avoid streaks. When streaks appear on the windshield, it can become quite annoying for drivers. This can be caused by cracked or the rubber tips of the wiper. This is a common situation when you have aging wiper blades. If you start to have tiny streaks on the windshield, you should check the rubber edges of the wiper.  You need to make sure that the wiper applies similar pressure over the whole length of the windshield. Wiper should also be clean, completely free from tears and cracks. When you see signs of wear and tear, then you need to replace the wipers; especially when the rainy season will arrive soon. If you want to prolong the lifespan of the wiper blades, you should clean the edges regularly with a piece of clean cloth.

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