How To Install Proper Lighting In Your Basement

How To Install Proper Lighting In Your Basement?

Basement is an often neglected area of the house and we often give it the least attention in terms of lighting. However, with proper lighting, we should be able to improve the overall liveability, function and design of the basement. We should know that basement can be potentially become a useful space in our house. Unfortunately, by its nature; basement is very dark, because it is below the ground level and it has small windows, if there are any. A good lighting in the basement should compensate for the reduced availability of light. Also, we should be able to increase safety in the basement, if we are able to make things easier to see. It will be harder for us to navigate our way around the basement, if it dimly lit, especially if the basement is cluttered with so much stuff.

First of all, we need to improve the natural lighting of our basement area. We should make sure that the windows of the basement are able to deliver the highest amount of natural light. We could do this by clearing away weed, shrubbery, stacked items and various plants that can prevent sunlight or garden lighting from entering the basement area. If the space allows and your budget is more flexible, it is a good idea to enlarge the windows of the basement. The lighting inside the basement itself is not much different with other rooms in the house. We should choose solutions that are practical and inexpensive. If the basement still has old incandescent light bulbs, then we should replace them whenever possible. In the end, our lighting solution should be functional and inexpensive.

Lighting is even more essential if the basement is transformed into a recreation area or family room. It is a nice place to stay during rainy days, especially if we fill it with plenty of entertainment devices. For some members of the family, the basement can become a place that give them freedom and comfort. As an example, the basement can be transformed into a home theatre. The dark ambience and good acoustics of the basement will make watching films a better experience. However, if you want the basement to become an exciting playroom, you should choose cheery and bright light fixtures. Whatever happen, we should make sure that the basement can become a safe place for all family members, including children.

In many cases, it is quite likely that the basement is cut off from the direct sunlight, especially if it is located deeper underground, so it is not possible for you to make windows. It means that you need to simulate natural sunlight in the basement with full spectrum light fixtures. This could create a sense of warmth inside the room. You can use track lighting, which is often attractive and affordable. You can put track lighting in many places inside the basement. However, track lighting may not be a good solution if the ceiling of your basement is less than 7 feet high.

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