Importance Of Auditing In Manufacturing Industry

Importance Of Auditing In Manufacturing Industry

The audit of a manufacturing company is a part of quality checks. There are internal and external audits, which a company does it periodically. This may be due to vendors/suppliers demand and for an internal quality check. This type of best practice will save your money on wastages due to quality issues. Moreover, it is the compliance and regulatory for all registered manufacturing industries. It is advisable to abide by the industrial laws of the region you belong. You can hire a trusted third-party agency to do factory audits. They will give you a transparent factory audit report.

How to do the External Audit of the Manufacturing Company?

All manufacturing industries must appoint external auditors. This will give better outlay on your internal audits. A good report shows your manufacturing units are functioning well. The audit team will come with proper manufacturing audit checklist as per your industry standards. You can also check their quality control checklist for manufacturing and update if any.

Social Audits for a Manufacturing Company

The social audit in a factory is necessary to ensure social accountability with-in your factory premises. This will be related to labor security. This will check how safe your factory is for the workers. They check for any presence of hazardous material within your premises. This includes fire safety too. This will check your provision for labor safety gears you have provided or not. The workers’ insurance is a prime check in the social audits. It is advisable to do internal and external social audits to ensure your workers are safe in the production process.

Quality Audits in a Factory

You will have set of a production process. There will be many suppliers, which you use their products as raw materials. The final output of your product must not return due to quality issues while exporting them to other regions. A proper external audit will check those quality issues is there or not. Their finding will help you to improve your quality issues and rectify them before leaving your factory. This will ensure a proper quality management at your factory.

Security Audits in a Factory

The factory audits for security checks will ensure security gap if any in your industry. An external audit is necessary to check for any security issues are there or not. You can ensure your factory premise is safe for your workers. This will also check in your production process for any security lapse. Few minute issues, which are not traceable by your internal audit team, can be identified by appointing an external audit team.

Audit Report on you Factory

You can show the audit report to your vendors, suppliers and to the local body. You can achieve full efficiency by conducting periodic audits. The professional audit agencies will never give a false report. They are reliable, list their findings, and report them to the management. They follow the best practice according to the industry compliance and regulation of your region. It will be better to hire a top rated audit agency and do it professionally.

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