Tourism on the floating house rafting at the river Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Muay Thai Camp and Boxing In Thailand For Your Weekend

If you are looking to spend a weekend of action-packed sports on your next holiday, then Thailand is the destination to be. Thailand is for the surfer, the beach lover, the mixed martial artist and the adventurer. The country offers something for everyone seeking a thrilling experience. From indoor gym challenges introducing the most vigorous workouts to outdoor adventures on an exotic island, you can spend your weekend doing something extraordinary in Thailand. Learn just how to prepare for an incredible time including the activities available in the popular holiday destination.

In Thailand, you will find many activities are held on a weekend. This includes the opening of local markets, exciting festivals and a variety of sporting events. It is a great way to burn some calories while on holiday while immersing yourself in the surrounding culture. More individual travelers and families search for things to do in Thailand outside of their ordinary holiday routine. While Thailand is a large tourist destination and offers many options for a rewarding holiday, it is also work oriented. Most activities happen on the weekend. This is when you can truly plan an exciting getaway. Look out for festivals that are held on a Saturday in which a carnival atmosphere is adopted. You can watch the various cultural preparations, decorations and dances that showcase the country. Custom day tours also take you around the most prominent buildings and historical sites allowing you to learn more about the destination, its heritage and its people. From temples and river cruises to floating markets and more, you can discover the natural beauty of the wilderness while experiencing another side of Thailand. It is best to plan your travel for the early morning and to spend the day exploring the city and the wilderness areas. The Phi Phi islands offer a sunrise cruise while professional guides provide tours of the Samui City. There are many places to see making Thailand one of the best spots for tourists to visit.

Visit Thailand to Experience the Incredible Muay Thai

You can plan an entire holiday dedicated to fitness when you travel to Thailand. The country hosts a Muay Thai or Thai boxing training camp in which experienced and respected Muay Thai instructors put members through their paces. With focus on technique, students will learn how to perform the mixed martial art with precision. This includes warm-up exercises along the beach, structured workouts at the training camp and the support of a group of like-minded members. The Muay Thai boxing training camp such as Suwit Muay Thai is located in the beautiful Phuket. Not only will your holiday be filled with the excitement of the contact sport, but you will have the complete holiday experience with scenic views and breath-taking surrounds. Thailand is a destination filled with excitement and this includes the incredible fast pace of a Muay Thai training camp. Led by top instructors in the art of Muay Thai, the contemporary training camp offers a memorable and transformative experience. Learn the mixed martial art with views of the beach and the striking Phuket island when you travel for fitness.

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