Pregnancy: Making The Body Vulnerable

Pregnancy: Making The Body Vulnerable

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the most common problems in every household that is seen these days. We should have a clear idea about what this blood pressure is? The blood is traveling all throughout the body with the help of the veins, capillaries and the arteries that emerges out of the heart so that it can transfer and move the blood throughout the body. This movement only happens in a single way where each of the veins arteries and the capillaries has a distinct role of carrying and also transferring the blood from a particular part to another part of the body. The heart is the center point of all these circulations throughout the body. Now if we want to know what blood pressure is then the simple definition of the blood pressure is that when this blood flows through these arteries, veins and the capillaries they exert a pressure to the inner wall of the veins, arteries and the capillaries. This pressure exerted to the inner part is called as the blood pressure. The normal blood pressure lies in the range of the 120/80 to 140/90 with the upper case called the systolic count and the lower case called as the diastolic count. There are many reasons behind the fluctuation of this blood pressure in a human being.

Pregnancy and BP

In pregnancy, the human female body experiences a lot of change in them there whole body organization changes during that course of time. The changes are mainly constituted by the presence, rather the increasing concentration of the hormones as well as other systemic problems in their body. In this time the whole of the body also becomes very much weak as compared to the other times. So that they are very much attracted towards any kinds of diseases as well. Thus it is absolutely necessary for a woman to take care of her in a proper way during this time. Blood pressure generally increases in this tenure of gestation in the female. The main reason is the single is the body and all of its organs present in them are working for the two lives, one residing and also growing slowly in the mother’s body. And when the time comes closer for the delivery the belly of the woman pops out to give space to the baby for its proper growth. During that many of the organs become constructed and also many of their function becomes very much gets compromised, out f those blood vessels are very much common. They also find it very much difficult to transfer the blood to the different regions of the body causing increased blood pressure.

BP medicine

Doctors always prescribe blood pressure medication during pregnancy as it is needed for the lady to keep her body in the right condition.


Pregnancy attracts a few very dangerous disease also out of nowhere. HIV is one of them which is very much common. Although it does not affect the fetus and if the delivery is done properly then the baby remain alright.


Medicines for HIV in pregnancy are there just to control the condition so that other effects do not occur to the body of the mother so as to protect the baby.

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