Refresh Your Home with These Trendy Interior Décor Ideas

Refresh Your Home with These Trendy Interior Décor Ideas


If you’ve been feeling like your own home doesn’t provide you with enough comfort and positivity like it used to, it may be the time to introduce some new changes into your interior. After all, personal environment plays a crucial role when it comes to your productivity and energy levels as well as mood and fulfillment. In that respect, you may just need to tackle some of the design projects in order to transform the look and feel of your home interior. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, take a look at the following design trends and organizing tips – you may find the perfect solution(s) for your own space.

Brass details

One of the main trends in interior design has everything to do with brass, as it’s the most popular finish for fixtures and other details. It’s not that other metal finishes such as silver, gold and rose gold aren’t popular anymore, but this type of aged, vintage-like finish has definitely taken the spotlight. Which brings us to the next trendy bit in interior design.

Refresh Your Home with These Trendy Interior Décor Ideas

Vintage accessories

Together with brass finishes, vintage accessories are also at the top of popularity list when interior design is concerned. Basically, the point is to enrich and personalize your space with details and accessories that are vintage-inspired, not design the entire home as if it were from a different age (unless that’s exactly what you want). The trend this year is to mix and match the modern, minimal vibe of the interior with vintage and more intricate accessories to create the perfect living space that doesn’t lack creativity or personality, but doesn’t add to the clutter either.

Refresh Your Home with These Trendy Interior Décor Ideas

The accent is on the storage

Plenty of storage space is always a must-have when it comes to a functional and tidy home. However, it seems that the storage solutions were all about the function and almost never about style. The modern trends in interior design are about to change that, since nowadays you can get amazing statement storage and cabinetry that will keep your home in order but contribute to the overall theme and style you’re going for, as well. If you want to get really personal and creative when these furniture pieces are concerned, you can always have them custom-crafted just for you. For example, you can truly improve the look and vibe of your rooms with professionally-made custom bookshelves, as well as other pieces that will make a home truly yours.

Refresh Your Home with These Trendy Interior Décor Ideas

Bold prints and colors

Neutral and pastel colors are always going to be stylish, but if you want something truly special, bold jewel tones are definitely worthy of looking into. After all, using bold yet muted colors can create warm spaces that allow you to express your personality the best. This doesn’t only go for your walls but your overall interior theme as well. In general, using colors and prints in order to create accent/statement pieces is definitely the trendy thing to do these days. For instance, you can keep your walls fairly simple with one or two shades but use creative prints and a bunch of colors for your curtains. You can do the same for your armchair and even reupholster it yourself. Obviously, accent walls are still very much in, together with the innovative accent ceiling trend.

Wall art

Wall art is another one of those interior design/décor trends that has never stopped being popular. However, if you want a change in your home it may be good to know that this year’s modern trends bring a whole new take on wall art. For instance, gallery walls that actually take up the entire wall space are very popular. Obviously, you have the freedom to choose whatever theme you want. Also, murals, as well as word art across the walls, make for a true statement artistic detail and a very personal style for your home.

Refresh Your Home with These Trendy Interior Décor Ideas

Aspirational space

If you’re up for some more challenging design projects, you may want to consider the trend of aspirational spaces. Namely, this trend encourages you to completely disregard the usual rules of home design and ditch the magazine-perfect personal environment. The focus is on making something that’s functional and effective for you personally, regardless of the fact that this may mean fusing your bedroom and dining room or having a bathtub face the patio.

Refresh Your Home with These Trendy Interior Décor Ideas

Essentially, allow your ideas to flow since the current interior design trends are all about creativity and freedom of expression. However, never forget that no matter what style you prefer, you should always avoid clutter. As you could see, personal touches can be made in many ways that don’t include hoarding too much stuff all over the place.


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