TOP 9 Healthiest Cafes in Baltimore to Eat Right Now! Say NO to EXTRA POUNDS!

Do you like cooking? Healthy eating is the first and the main step for wellness management. Of course, that’s good to cook on your own and keep the diet running. But once, you have to go to the restaurant for a party or business lunch. It can be very difficult not to bite pizza or sandwich. No doubts, it is possible to find a healthy eatery even in a new city! How? First of all, don’t use public transport if you don’t know where to go. That’s nothing but wasting time. It is better to take a car from Payless rental car in Baltimore airport (we’re going to speak about Baltimore today!) and use Google app to find the healthiest cafes. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? But before, let’s stop at WHY DO YOU NEED HEALTHY EATING?

Platte mit frischem Gemüse


Healthy food is needed because:

You may think that healthy food is not always easy and pleasant. But becoming a healthy eater can be the wisest decision in your life. Why do you need it?

  1. Boost productivity.
  2. Help yourself to live longer
  3. Boost your mood
  4. Regulate your weight

City Java smoothies


Healthy Eateries in Baltimore


What does it smell that good? It comes from the restaurant of Venezuelan cuisine! If you have to keep a diet but still feel crazy about pizza you may try a cake made of corn meal, light and airy. What’s on it? You may have seafood, beans, bananas, and many other healthy types of filler.


Coming here, be ready to extend your tastes and perception. This place is good for lunch or dinner. So, what do we have here? You can try more than 50 different sorts of juice, smoothie, and tones of healthy dishes on your choice. Also, you can enjoy the wall arts while you are eating! The best recommended dish in Liquid is a wholemeal sandwich with portabella mushrooms.


Welcome to the oasis of healthy eating! You are offered to try high quality season food from local farms. People from Baltimore come to this place for the country popular crab pie. It is made of a blue crab! Speaking about desserts, they are not very healthy so that you can hardly try a little piece of it.

Raw Vegan Coconut Almond Truffles



Looking for a good place to have a late healthy breakfast, come and see Gertrudes. Don’t worry! This is your chance to prove yourself than healthy food can be tasty. There are tons of breakfast variants in the menu. The most popular one is an omelet with crab meat and fresh fruits for dessert. Restaurant location is favorable for a Saturday walk. You can spend a sunny Saturday morning by walking over the local art museum and enjoying arts. Feel tired? Go for a brunch to the Gertrudes terrace.


Here you can pick a portion of fresh juice, smoothie, made of local fruits. Speaking about food, you are offered BBQ meat and vegetables. The King Dish is BBQ cauliflower with garlic, coriander and sesame sauce. What a good and healthy alternative to fries!


Golden Cafe is rather popular place for gourmands. There are so many interesting food variants here! What do you wish for? You can order everything, including apple burger, cabbage brie, and pumpkin cake for brunch. Also, they have a lot of vegan and gluten free dishes that are also tasty.

Gluten-Free Spring Rolls



Here is one more place for gourmands! This is the best place for vegans in Baltimore. It proves that healthy food can be tasty. The menu is impressively big. How about making your own sandwich, salad, or even a cocktail? If you want something for dessert, you can order a sweet batata bar with lime, almond sauce, and coriander.


If you are crazy about salads, especially chicken salad, welcome to Atwater’s! This is what you need for lunch! This cozy cafe can boast its tasty food and fresh ingredients. You should try their salads! It’s a kind of magic what they do with salad ingredients. Yu can try cabbage salad with pickled beets, pumpkin seeds, and lemon sauce. Of course, the King Salad here is the Chicken salad. Its recipe is kept under the hat. Can you guess what is that legendary salad made of?

Salad close-up.



Looking for something fast, light, and absolutely healthy, you should go to Honeygrow. This is your special place! There are two of them in Baltimore. You can try fresh salad and cook something on your own. If you don’t like cooking, don’t worry, go down the menu. What is for dessert? Of course, you may have fresh fruits, honey, and other local natural sweets for dessert.

Healthy food can be tasty! You can easily prove it by walking around the Baltimore central square and everywhere in the city. It is full of small cozy cafes and eateries where you can try something fresh, full of vitamins, tasty, and light. The menu list is never-ending and you are often hard to pick one of that big variety of juicy variants! Discover more city eateries day by day and stay healthy!

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