Traveling is Sharing: Why Students Stay in Hostels?

What about traveling abroad? Do you have a desire to explore new cities and countries but have a problem of accommodation? You are right in somewhat. You can save a plenty of money on transportation by using rentalcars24h.com to rent a car in your location. Is there an opportunity to save money on hotel? You are young and creative! Why don’t you try a hostel? This is your chance to go across Europe with the group of your friends this summer. Where are you planning to go? Make a visit to France, Italy, Spain, Germany! Hostels are popular in Europe for students! Let’s find out why and what makes students stay here in addition to prices, of course.

F * R * I * E * N * D * S ~ Central Perk Cafe


What Is Hostel?

Hostel is low-cost accommodation where you can stay for one night or several days. As a rule, you are offered to reserve a bed, not a suite here. There are rooms for 6, 10 or more travelers. The bathrooms are shared on the floor as well as the kitchen. As a rule, the shared accommodations are big and roomy to give enough space for everyone. In short, hostel looks like a hotel, but without absolute privacy. You have much to share here.

Why Stay in Hostel?

  1. Low-Cost

Comparing hostel and hotel prices, it is possible to say that hostels are cheaper. Of course, the prices are different in different countries, but the truth is – hostels are cheaper. The lowest prices for hostels can be found mostly in Asian and South American countries. In Europe the prices for hostels starts from $10-15 up to $30-35.

  1. Travel in Company

As a student, you travel in a group and have to live in company also. Hostel live supposes sharing some space with your roommates, like bathroom and kitchen. Of course, hostel rules make you share your bedroom with 10 or 20 people. There is no space to stay alone!!! But it’s ok. Students like big companies!

  1. Can be Found in Every City

Hostels are popular in the US and in Europe. The most of the cities welcome you with a cozy and cheap accommodation. Whenever you go, everywhere across the globe you can find a good hostel.

  1. Kitchens

Hostel is a unique opportunity to save money on living and cooking. It means that every hostel has well-equipped kitchen. You can buy all necessary ingredients in the supermarket and cook it on your own instead of wasting money in the restaurant.

Albareda Youth Hostel - Barcelona


  1. Breakfast on Your Request

As a rule, in the hostel kitchen you cook on your own. There are also places, where the light breakfast is included. Of course, there is nothing special and extravagant, but you are not hungry!

  1. Meet Interesting People

Student life is busy and noisy and this makes it interesting. Hostel is an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends. You can have a friend from every country you’ve visited. Traveling alone, you can find a companion for your trip.

  1. Safety

What about safety? Is there something to worry about? There are strict rules and limitations that make hostel a really safe place to live. There are also lock-up cabins to leave your stuff for some time and video cameras.

  1. Special Atmosphere

Each hostel is special. The owners try to make a special atmosphere and interior in their hostel. This helps people to remember and spend time with pleasure. Some of the interior solutions are really creative.

Hostel Casa de la Musica, Budapest


What is Confusing?

  1. No Privacy

Making a reservation in the hostel, you should understand that this is only a bed, but not the whole room. It can be up to 10-20 roommates to share your space with. The roommates can be different in character and their habits. It’s lack of privacy. There is not space to stay along.

  1. Shared Bathrooms

Everybody knows, the bathrooms are shared in the hostels. It means that you have to visit the same bathroom as your roommates, one on the floor. The private bathroom is rare thing in the hostel.



  1. Old Buildings

It often happens that the hostel is huge space that is rebuilt from ex-shop, store, or 2-3 flats altogether. Sometimes, the building is old. This makes it atmospheric and specific in style. Thus, you may forget about lift and air conditioning, but not often.

  1. Simple Furnishings

As it was told before, the hostel’s atmosphere is special. It is made of the old building, rare furniture. You cannot find a shiny and polished redwood journal-table. The furniture is mostly old and simple.

Shoestring Hostel



If you suddenly realized that living in the shared room is not the dream of your life this summer, just cancel your booking! Nevertheless, traveling in a company with your friends, you can easily save some money on food and live. Hostel can be a nice opportunity to live for cheap and in lack of privacy. The experience you will get is rich and unique. You will meet new friends and learn a lot about the place you live in. Just think of it and decide. Are you ready to get such a unique experience? If so, use one of your booking apps and make a reservation.

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