What Do Clothing Colours Say About Your Personality?

What Do Clothing Colours Say About Your Personality?

How we dress up entirely depends on our choice and mood. Did you know it can be used to interpret our personalities?

Colors play a significant role in our lives although we undervalue them the most! They have the potential to make us serene or angry -consciously or subconsciously. Colors can transform our personal and professional life equally.

Color psychology is amusing. Different colors signify different personalities. Numerous researches done in Psychology show diverse findings.  Some colors reflect confidence while some reflect boldness.

Here’s what colors say about our personality.


Black is a versatile and timeless color. It reflects a powerful, independent and strong-willed personality of an individual. Many office goers prefer black as it makes one look elegant and is a gentle color to the eye. Earlier it was apprehended for sorrow or sadness. However, it is now a sign of control and authority. Wearing black makes a person stand out!


The gorgeous hues of blue in clothing are a sign of peace and trust. People who wear blue often are truthful and loyal. Research has also proven those who chose blue for their clothing are far more creative and out of the box thinkers.


Red, which is every woman’s favorite, indicates sexual energy and passion for romance.  It is an intense and dominating color which also symbolizes aggression and sensuality which is why it is a widely used color for lingerie. More like a mating icebreaker for a couple!

Red also implies leadership qualities and is a major confidence boost. Although better to avoid red when in trouble. As you can guess, red makes the heart pound faster. Don’t be surprised if you feel the adrenalin rush.


Close to the Mother Nature, green is a calming and soothing color. It also reflects one’s sensitivity towards others as well as a person’s optimism. Queen Elizabeth II often wears green.


The color has long remained associated with happiness, freedom and mental concentration. Yellow is an energy-lifter hence tea packaging is mostly yellow and red. In Egypt, it reflects good fortune while in Germany it represents envy.


White symbolizes cleanliness, purity, and neutrality. Brides wear it on their Big Day. The beautiful little white dresses look absolutely magical. White clothing conveys a well-balanced and secure life.


Gray is a representation of balance. However, excessive use of gray clothing is a sign of a dull and gloomy person. Solid and thoughtful color manifests a value of a person. Overall, it is a regal choice!


Orange represents creativity, joy, and ambition. Sports uniforms have shades of orange as it draws attention, boosts energy and cites excitement. Thai Buddhist monks wear orange robes as it shines infinitely. They are a ray of light for people in dark searing away ignorance.


Pink is a significant feminine color, associated with women for decades. Girls usually are assumed to have pink rooms, pink clothes, and pink shoes. It is a color of desire and unconditional love. An interesting thing to note is that Pink has a calming effect and has been used to calm inmates in prison. It prevents a person from swaying out of the line.


Symbolizing royalty, purple is a rich and luxurious color. It often communicates sophistication, dignity and wealth.  Purple is for empathetic people.

Whatever the research and experience prove, color in clothing is a personal choice and is most of the times subconscious. One chooses from a variety of options and it is a good idea not to be confined to a single choice. An amalgamation is a safe option. Wear your favorite colors and prepare yourself to face every challenge life throws at you. After all, what you wear your mood and builds your confidence. And it’s always a smart idea to dress to impress.

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