Why Your Site’s Backend MATTERS In SEO

SEO has changed a lot since its beginning. The art of optimising your site for search engines has, in fact, reached a level in which it started to contaminate aspects that were not even covered before. The main bit would, of course, be related to your site’s backend: Technical SEO is one of the most (if not the actual most) looked after branches within search engine optimisation, especially in bigger companies and enterprises. Let’s analyse why and how a technical optimisation is approached from an SEO perspective.


(Need For) Speed, Most Wanted

Believe it or not, but your site’s speed is indeed a massive ranking factor. With the advent of CMS like WordPress and Shopify, such thing has been heavily impacted by the archenemy of SEO: Javascript. In order to better understand such a statement, it’s important to explain how Google crawls and index Javascript-based resources. The search engine doesn’t, in fact, directly crawl and render your JS resources, but it “renders” them once he has acknowledged your HTML and CSS. With this in mind, a general rule was born: the more the JS, the slower the site.


Speaking With The Algorithm

Content isn’t king and the rule behind it is pretty simple. Google doesn’t have a team of 20.000 employees who are constantly reading the internet in order to manually decide who’s supposed to rank higher than another one. In fact, since the whole process is guided by an algorithm, speaking directly to it would be a massive help. Of course, this is indeed possible, by using Schema.org markups also known as structured data. The combination of schema markup and proper keyword application (after research, of course) are the main reasons why rich snippets related to a particular page are generated onto SERP.


Understanding The Crawling Process

Many SEO professionals, even the most successful ones often forget about the fact that SEO isn’t a “passive” marketing strategy. In fact, instead of simply waiting for your content to be crawled by Googlebot, it’s important to do everything in your power to speed up the process and optimise it when possible. Crawling optimisation combined with proper crawl budget calculation is extremely important and possibly the basis of Technical SEO.

Manchester, which is the melting pot in the UK for what concerns SEO has recently seen a vast investment in the area. In fact, an SEO agency in Manchester has recently opened an entirely new tech-division, which confirms to us what is stated above.

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