Women’s Winter Party Clothing Picks

Don’t know what to wear for your upcoming Christmas or New Years Eve party? Don’t worry – there are many ways in which you can jazz up your outfit for the festive season. Incorporating these picks into your winter wardrobe can really turn heads at the Christmas party. These looks are timeless and will always look cool. Here’s a list of all the festive winter outfits you can wear at any festive occasion.


Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a timeless classic. They are warm and incredibly stylish, and look great with all sorts of clothes. They look fantastic with jeans, skirts, jumpsuits and dresses. They are available in a multitude of colours, which you can mix and match with the different styles in your wardrobe. 


Sparkly Jewellery

A great way to add a bit of flair to your winter party outfit is through sparkly jewellery. If your outfit is somewhat plain, this is a fantastic way to look more festive. Sparkly necklaces, earrings, jewellery and rings look amazing with a somewhat plain outfit. 


Sequin Skirts

Sequin skirts are a great way to look stylish and very festive all at one. The sequin style can make you look ready to party! These looks come in so many different colours and styles, from mini to midi to maxi. Although they look amazing at Christmas, these skirts can go with any summer night out outfit too. 


Satin Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a great Christmas party pick. They are great for dancing in, especially if you’re wearing heels. The jumpsuit cut has been extremely popular recently and they look really classy. You can get jumpsuits in many different cuts, from long-sleeves to strapless, from shorts to long trousers. Velvet or satin jumpsuits are a great pick for festive parties. Wear this pick with high heels, statement jewellery and a matching jacket. 


Fur Coat

Fur coats are a really great pick for festive parties. A floor-length fur coat is really on-trend this year. These go with almost anything and are a really great way to tie together your whole outfit. They are also incredibly warm, which is a great thing for being out and about in the winter time. You can get these in traditional classic colours such as black or cream. But they also look great in dyed bright colours and can add a bit of flair to your winter party outfit. 


Knee High Boots

Are you tired of ordinary heels? Why not try a pair of knee high boots. These can look amazing with a glittery mini skirt and tights. They can also add a bit of grip when you’re walking, which will be important when there might be ice underfoot! 


A Black Mini-Dress

Black mini-dresses are effortlessly timeless. What Coco Chanel called little black dresses have been a party staple for women for over 100 years. There’s a reason for this- you can’t go wrong with a black mini-dress. They look effortlessly chic and timeless. If you want to make this outfit look a bit more eye-catching, add a bright coloured coat and heels. 

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