Essentials For Your Staycation With The Family Post Lockdown

Essentials For Your Staycation With The Family Post Lockdown

It’s nearly time to start going on holiday with our families again but I am sure many of you have forgotten what you should take on holiday. Here are some of the essentials that are vital for your staycation with your family. 

The shower bag

This is very important for obvious reasons and is much needed if you are on a self-catering holiday. Some self-catering holidays have a shop in the holiday park but not all of them so make sure you take the essentials such as; Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, hair shampoo, and whatever else you think you might need to remain clean.


You probably did not forget about this for obvious reasons however you probably forgot about the different types of outfits that you need. First of all, you have got the casual clothes that you wear to the shop or whenever you are leaving the holiday site. Then you have got your outdoor clothes with your outdoor boots if you ever want to go on a hike.

 Prepare for your rainy days as well. This could mean you are staying indoors for the day so need your clothes that you relax in or you will need your big waterproof coat with your waterproof pants as well.


You will not be going out every single day on your staycation simply because you might be tired from the hike you did the day before or the weather is horrendous. So prepare to bring you and your family some books where you can sit down and have a read. Make sure you get different genres of books so they cater for everyone in the family as well. If you have not tried them before then maybe you can also buy a couple of audiobooks to play on a CD or through the laptop/ iPad. 

A bag to travel with 

Having a bag that allows you to carry everything you need for a walk as well as in case of an emergency is very important. A stylish leather baby changing bag can carry all the essentials you need if the little one has had an accident on your walk. Not only will you look great with the bag but you will also be able to carry everything you need. 

Last but not least, movies

This can be almost guaranteed that they will be needed for your staycation for the same reasons as to why you need the books. Poor weather or just a day in to binge a couple of films with the family can be great and brings you all together. Remember though, you have got to cater to everyone’s taste so pick up a variety of different films. Not everyone will want to watch Jurassic World or Goonies. 

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Everything that you could possibly need for your staycation with the family. Well, not everything but the most important things that you need. Now go out there and enjoy your holiday with your family that you have been waiting for and remember to stay safe.

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