Foods That Are Good and Bad For Your Teeth

The foods that we eat can have a big impact on our oral health, so we’re here to introduce some different foods that are good and bad for your teeth! Making a few healthy swaps can make all the difference when it comes to your oral health, so include a few of the good things and remove a few of the bad in your next food shop to do something positive for your oral health! If you are ever unsure about foods specific to your oral health, make sure that you ask your general or cosmetic dental clinic and they will be able to advise you specifically. 


Good Foods For Your Teeth

Crunchy Fruit and Veg

The first food that is great for your teeth is crunchy fruit and veg, like carrots, celery, apples or peppers. This is because they help to naturally clean your teeth, because they are fibrous they can get in between the gaps in the teeth and remove any debris and plaque from between them! Not to mention, the crunching motion helps to keep your jaw healthy. 


Another healthy food for your teeth is anything containing dairy! Dairy products like cheese, milk and yoghurt contain strong amounts of calcium, a mineral that helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth, so when they are exposed to something that could cause erosion, they are more resistant to it. So, incorporating dairy into your diet is something really positive to help your teeth. 


Nuts are another great food for your teeth, as they are packed full of calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen the enamel and also help to fight off bacteria that causes tooth decay. All kinds of nuts are good for the teeth, although almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews are some of the best! Luckily, these are also some of the most cost effective, so they make a great healthy snack. 


Bad Foods For Your Teeth

Anything Sugary

Any foods that contain sugar are bad for your teeth, as when sugar goes into the mouth, the natural bacteria in the mouth reacts with it to produce an acid. This acid can be very damaging to the teeth when they are regularly exposed to it, which is why reducing your sugar intake as much as possible is important. We know it is very difficult to cut out altogether, but just make sure that if you do eat or drink something sugary, you have a really good drink of water afterwards to try and wash away as much of the sugar debris as possible! 


Crisps are also bad for your teeth, as they have a substance once chewed which tends to stick to the teeth. This starchy food is then stuck in your teeth which can result in the acid producing bacteria developing and beginning to attach the teeth. Again, if you do eat crisps, make sure to rinse your mouth well and brush your teeth around 30 minutes after if possible. 

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