How Has COVID-19 Affected The Bakery Market

How Has COVID-19 Affected The Bakery Market

The coronavirus has brought many trends within businesses and some may stay, such as flexible working environments. But how has it affected the bakery market? Well, health, hygiene and value for money are definitely some of the trends that this market is following. 

It is no secret that the buying behaviours of people have changed, people will be expecting the same once we are allowed out and shopping as usual. In this article, we will go through some of the trends in the baking industry.

Hygiene is Key:

Hygiene is key in today’s world, so it is not surprising that customers are now needing to be ensured that their bakery products are prepared in hygienic environments. This is something that many customers are worried about. If you go to reputable bakeries, they often have their bread on beautiful displays to bring in the customers, however, this will do more harm than good now. 

Many people are preferring a packaged loaf so that no germs have been on the bread, minimising the chances of getting the virus. Other trends have arisen that plant-based goods are perceived to be cleaner and healthier, which is showing an incline in vegan products being sold. 

Do It Yourself:

This trend is both positive and negative, an incline in home baking has dramatically changed people buying habits from buying their baked goods, to making it themselves. This provided a rise in sales for baking ingredients at the supermarkets. Many bakeries are worried that this trend may not go away, and that people will not be needing to go to the bakery anymore due to them being more adventurous at home. 

Some bakers have adapted to this, and have created home baking kits. This encourages customers to purchase baking kits from the bakers which they can then create at home. This helps customers feel like they are helping their local bakery whilst also creating the baked goods themselves. Other companies such as Krispy Kreme have offered DIY versions of their products so they customise them at home.

Delivery Options:

Shops, restaurants and basically the whole of the highstreet shut down overnight. Many businesses failed to prepare for this and now many businesses have shut down for good. Others did prepare for this and that includes many bakers after the first lockdown. Many food businesses like Black Sheep Coffee were forced to look at other avenues in which they could sell their products without having to deal with customers in their stores. This led them to either deliver themselves to their local area or partner up with the likes of Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat. Other businesses used their initiative and started to create their own websites where people could buy their products online, and get them delivered straight to their door.

Coronavirus has brought a lot of misery to people but has also been seen as a movement for change in many industries that needed to be faced. Once we are out of lockdown it will be interesting to see how the trend moves forward. Will we be back to normal or will we still be wanting to use these new amenities in everyday life.

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