5 best Cool Sculpting Treatment Providers in Indiana

Do you have fat that just wouldn’t go away even with a strict diet and a proper regime? If yes, then Cool
Sculpting is what you’re looking for. Cool Sculpting is an FDA approved a method of getting rid of those
problem areas in little to no time.

It works in an interesting way. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than other tissue, so this
technology gives precise, controlled cooling that targets fat cells so they crystallize and die. Your body
naturally processes and sheds dead fat cells, resulting in a more sculpted look. For those stubborn
weight loss obstacles, it’s now possible to reshape your body thanks to a customized Cool Sculpting
treatment plan tailored to your body, goals, and budget.

So sit back and relax while Cool Sculpting does all the magic and turn your dream body into a reality!
To help you get the treatment, here’s a list of five CoolSculpting providers in Indiana:

Vein And Laser Institute

Vein & Laser Institute is a one-stop shop for vein therapies and cosmetic treatments in Northwest
Indiana. This institute has been pioneering in these services for over 15 years now. It prides itself on
offering patients the latest technology which is far from invasive and helps with meeting and exceeding
their health and beauty goals with comfort and confidence. The care at Vein & Laser Institute comes
with little to no downtime which usually is associated with such treatments.

With that, the institute is committed to maintaining a good name for itself which is why proper time and
effort is dedicated to each patient until they’re fully satisfied. The team at Vein & Laser consists of three
board-certified Vein Specialists and Interventional Radiologists. Dr. Omar Barakat, Dr. Amjad Alkadri,
and Dr. Vivek Mishra have several years of experience performing non-surgical cosmetic and minimally
invasive procedures which not just makes them the best in the market but also the quickest.
Moreover, a great emphasis is laid at the Institute on safety. Each patient is evaluated based on several
personal factors to ensure the most appropriate and effective treatment is offered. The procedures used
have been through the rigorous FDA approval which makes it consistently safe and high quality.

Clarity MD

Clarity MD is another great option for Cool Sculpting in Indiana. It provides physician-guided treatments
which are tailored to your needs which are undoubted, result oriented. The treatments are provided in
a calm and comfortable spa atmosphere.
If you are someone looking for a passionate team which is committed to listening to all of your skincare
needs and concerns, Clarity MD is worth a visit. At Clarity, great focus is provided on building rewarding patient relationships by exceeding the patient’s expectations through individualized attention, skincare education, and customized state-of-the-art services in a comfortable, fun, safe and confidential environment. They do all this while maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.
To schedule your free consultation, contact Clarity at (317) 571–8900.

Turkle & Associates

Turkle & Associates is a plastic surgery and dermatology skin care center with over three surgery centers
in Indiana. Their expert team consists of:

 Janet K. Turkle, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

 Matt Strausburg, M.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist

 Emily Hrisomalos, M.D.
Board Certified Otolaryngologist and Facial Plastic Surgeon

Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery and Dermatology and Phases Skin Care & Laser Center are proud
members of the Brilliant Distinctions rewards program which mean you can save loads of money and
avail some generous discounts on Cool Sculpting treatments all around the year.

To schedule an appointment and find out more about Cool Sculpting, you can call them at 317-848-0001
or just contact them on their online contact form.

University Dermatology Center

Another great option for Cool Sculpting in Indiana is University Dermatology Center. It offers a full array
of skin care treatment as well body contouring services to help you achieve your skin care as well as
body goals in little time.
The cost at which it is provided is rather low than the usual rates in the market and to your surprise,
they have numerous discount coupons and vouchers all year long. Their discounts are not just limited
for special holidays but are offered on monthly basis which makes it a perfect gift for someone in a
reasonable price.

Gillian Institute

Gillian Institute is run by a great team which is headed by Dr. Short. Besides Cool Sculpting, the institute
also offers various other services which include both skin care and body contouring services.
As with all of her cosmetic procedures, Dr. Short requires every patient to have a mandatory pre-
procedure meeting to go over the treatment, their personal goals, and other factors surrounding the
therapy. She will review your health history, past injuries, and surgeries, and discuss the specific reasons
why you are pursuing CoolSculpting as a fat reduction option. Your goals and expectations will be
reviewed so they can be realistic going into the treatment, and Dr. Short will certainly answer any and all
questions you have concerning the process.

Cool Sculpting definitely sounds like a tempting option to get rid of that flabby fat you hate so much but
it is important to research on the treatment and go for consultations before you pursue this option.

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