Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or a special personal moment, California has some of the most amazing camping destinations for the lovebirds who just love exploring the outdoors. If you need a timeout and want to perhaps rekindle the passion in your relationship, add the following camping destinations to your wish list!

Napa Valley

When most people think of Napa Valley, camping is not the first thing that comes to the mind. Interestingly, the valley is an ideal place for camping. That’s right. The Napa Valley State Park in the beautiful woods of the country is a great romantic spot for you and your special someone. Ditch the mainstream spots and go for Napa to enjoy a totally different and unique side of the country.

Best time to visit the place is during the summer, particularly in July and August. Unlike other campsites that are crowded during the summer, this place offers privacy and you can easily lounge here in your favorite swimwear.

The beautiful hills of Napa have the most beautiful and relaxing trails that pass through the unique vineyards and countryside if you want to go for a bike ride with your significant other.


This magical and exotic campsite take romance to a whole new level with its bohemian and rustic touch. For couples who just love nature, there are amazing vistas of breathtaking mountain tops to enjoy with your darling. Take advantage of the horse and hiking trails there, and bike ride with your beloved around the beautiful penthouse during the stay.


Yes, a little farfetched than the rest of the destinations mentioned, PINNACLES NATIONAL PARK is located 80 miles southeast of San Jose in the east of Salinas Valley. It is indeed worth the drive – in fact, you have to witness the landscape itself.

The park has beautiful woodlands, rock spires, narrow canyons formed by the volcanoes more than 20 million years ago. It has a huge campground with over 143 sites for camping, all totally oak tree filled with a picnic table and fire pit each. The camping site also offers the modern comforts in the form of a swimming pool and a general store. Reservations can be made in advance, six months prior!


Formerly known as the Little Bear Lake, this place is located 5000 feet above sea level. This place has some amazing campgrounds namely the Dogwood Campground that has almost 93 wooden sites plus a theater for entertainment purposes with remodeled bathrooms. This place is barely five minutes away from the Lake Arrowhead Village.

Another main campground is the Northshore Campground with small 23 sites that have the basic amenities like picnic tables, fire pits, and restrooms.


If you and your significant other are animal lovers then this place is for you! This place is perfect to spend time with rescue animals and horses. The stay at this beautiful Mongolian style yurt is no less than a treat itself for you and your beloved.


Spread along the Santa Barbara County coast, with only at 60 miles northwest from Santa Barbara, this county beach is far away from other destinations but offers a lot of convenience and comfort. The campground has over 98 sites, all of them can be reserved in advance and offer a beautiful ocean view. All the sites also have RV sites with hookups plus the cabins.

There is also a general store from where you can always purchase the forgotten supplies plus sleek and clean bathrooms with an amazing restaurant that serves scrumptious burgers. The only thing to be considered is that there is no Wi-Fi or phone reception available so you can leave your phones in the tent and have the most personal and private time with your loved one.

So what are you waiting for? Search browsing right now to find the best canvas tent. Once your camping supplies are ready, head out to your favorite destination with your beloved.

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