5 Ways to Improve Staff Wellbeing

Considering we spend the majority of your working days at work, it’s important for business’ to understand this and do the right thing for their employees. Being able to enjoy your work is an important factor in making sure that your wellbeing is at optimum levels and productivity is consistent. Employees with improved wellbeing levels will benefit the business overall – morale, productivity and health remains high in the office environment. Here are ways you can help to improve it.


Regular Breaks

When work gets tough, we can have a tendency to work through our lunch breaks. Although this may appear like employees putting in the work and being productive, in reality it can actually do the opposite. They’ll become increasingly stressed and eventually develop ‘burnout’. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, provide breakout rooms both indoor and outdoor so employees can step away from their work. They require a refresh before going back to their work with a clear mind to go again.


Promote Exercise

Many office require employees to sit at their desk for the majority of the day. This can cause them to become sluggish and slump whilst they work. Develop ways that they can stay active so they’re used to being energised throughout the day. Whether it’s discounts off gym membership or cycle to work scheme, they can easily help towards employees remaining active even when they’re sat down.


Team Building Days

Treating your team to days out are a great way to promote team bonding and raising morale. Team building days can be completed in a variety of ways including cookery classes, problem solving activities or even just a good day out for a bit of fun.


Improve Your Environment

Sometimes, the key to improving wellbeing can be done right at your doorstep. Analyse your office and see if there are any opportunities available to improve your overall environment. Are you getting the right ventilation in your office? Has your ductwork supplier fitted your stainless steel ducting systems properly? Could you add a bit more greenery to the office? These methods can all improve how your employees feel around the office.


Allow Flexible Working

If it’s possible. Consider offering flexible working for employees that may struggle balancing work and home life. You may have parents in the office or those who have commitments outside of work. If so, different finish times will help them to manage it better and save them from stressing about getting to work on time or rushing in the mornings.

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