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6 Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Electric Rice Cooker

Electric rice cookers can make your job easy with its one-touch operation. The traditional way of cooking rice needs continuous attention until the rice is completely cooked. If your attention deviates towards other chores even for a few minutes, you will either have to eat the burnt rice or cook fresh rice again. Apart from saving your time and energy, rice cookers also cut down your cooking gas bills. Electric rice cookers are the best way to save space, time, energy and reduce cleaning burden.

An electric rice cooker can be used for several years if maintained properly. They do not need any complex maintenance procedures to be followed in order to be a part of your kitchen for a long time. There are a few things you can do to enhance their functionality. Here are six tips to get the most out of your electric rice cooker:

  • Go through the Manual Before Using the Cooker

The operating procedure for an electric rice cooker varies depending on the brand and model. Read the user manual of the product at the time of purchase. Read the full operating procedure carefully to avoid electric hazards and mistakes.

  • Avoid Experimenting Until You Understand the Operation of the Cooker Completely

Figuring out how to operate and use an electric rice cooker can take some time if you are using it for the first time. Though you can cook more recipes in an electric cooker, restrain from trying them until you are familiar with the operation of the machine to avoid blunders.

  • Fill Water only Up to the Scale Provided

Every electric rice cooker comes with a maximum water scale indicator. Make sure that you do not fill the water above that level. Filling up the water to the indicated level lets you cook efficiently.

  • Always Use the Inner Pot

Cooking food without the inner pot can damage the cooker permanently. Make sure that you have kept the inner pot inside the cooker before cooking. Also, make sure that there’s nothing in between the cooker and the inner pot.

  • Make Sure That All the Parts of the Cooker Are Dry Each Time You Use

You need to be careful with the conductors of electricity. Dry each and every part of the electric rice cooker every time before using it. Using a wet electric cooker can lead to electric shock or damage of the cooker. Use the cleaning products suggested by the brand to clean the cooker.

  • Do Not Exceed the Maximum Rice Limit Provided by the Manufacturer

Just because you have a lot of space in your electric cooker, you cannot add more rice or any ingredients to it. Read the user manual and note down the maximum amount of rice you can cook in it. Make sure that you don’t exceed the limit. This can decrease the efficiency of the cooker.

We hope that these tips would help you in using your electric rice cooker in a better way. Electric cookers are the best and easiest way to cook food. Apart from cooking rice, you can also cook vegetables, soup, and other food items. Make sure that you are using a good quality electric rice cooker to avoid electric hazards.

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