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There are many factors which show that a handmade carpet is the most exclusive item for a home décor. Handmade carpets and rugs are made in natural materials which are really hard to find. For instance- pure silk is produced by cocoon larva and wool rug is produced from sheep hair. If we talk about artificial silk or machine-made carpets then it is made by machine using nylon etc. which you can easily get. Handmade area rug is woven on a handloom which is the foundation of wooden beams. It is made according to a specific size. For example- a 3×5 ft. rug has a separate loom and 4×6 ft. rug is woven on another loom but it is adjustable so if you receive any custom size rug then you can adjust it accordingly. Some years ago, there were few carpets sellers only which had a good stock of pure handmade carpet but nowadays there are many stores from where you can buy beautiful handmade carpets. You can also purchase a rug online because nobody has a lot of time to visit a store and then select. A handmade rug is an expensive item also. It is available from $100 to $10000 and more above. So, if you are thinking to buy an exclusive and “One of a kind” rug for your home then follow the below tips:

Before buying a rug, you should measure the space where you want to place your rug because an over large or too small carpet is not good for a room. The size of the carpet should slightly smaller than room size (if you want to cover the entire space). If you take the exact size of rug then it will fold at corners but if you want to put your rug in the center or thinking to take a medium size carpet then take exact size rug according to space. Handmade carpet is thick due to cut pile and knots. For covering the door side space you can take a handmade flatwoven dhurrie because it is thin and can easily adjust below the door. Take inspiration from your existing accents like furniture, wall color etc. and then take rug accordingly. If you have a modern interior then buy a modern rug otherwise you can take a traditional carpet for your home.

Best Carpet Store:

Yak Carpet is one of the oldest stores which is situated in India. They have the world most exclusive handmade carpet. They have a huge collection of all type of rug stuff like in wool, silk, jute, cotton, bamboo silk etc. So if you are not interested to take a rug online then you can visit Yak Carpet store. Yak Carpet provides many facilities to their customer like EMI installment, try at home service etc.

Best Online Carpet Store:

There are many online carpet stores but as I said before a handmade carpet is not a cheap item which you can buy from anywhere. The website or store should be genuine. Rugs and Beyond is the best carpet store because they are a manufacturer and it is their plus point. Manufacturers provide a rug at a reasonable price because all the production is done in-house. Rugs and Beyond offer free shipping worldwide and it is the most user-friendly feature. They have beautiful collections of a hand-knotted rug, hand-tufted carpet, and flat-woven dhurries.

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