Embracing Vacuum Casting as a Manufacturing Method

Embracing Vacuum Casting as a Manufacturing Method

Vacuum casting has quickly become one of the most popular manufacturing methods in the world to create functional plastic parts. The main factor influencing this change in the market is the suitable costs it offers to business owners to work with cheaper resins or plain silicon. Handling the process is also quite straightforward: a technician takes a plastic panel to heat it up and make it soft and pliable so it can be stretched out and vacuumed on a mold.

After cooling down the part, the plastic will hold up the shape sculpted in the mold as a three-dimensional product. It’s hard to notice these days since not many people are aware of stuff regarding how the appliances they use come to be, but vacuum molding is used in almost all the industries related to items of everyday use as food packages, cosmetics, electronics, and toys.

Manufacturing for Everyone

Another reason favoring vacuum casting is the ability to handle low volume manufacturing. This is especially useful for companies that need to place small orders on parts that require a limited restock. The tooling for vacuum casted parts is also much cheaper since it relies heavily on specialized software that can manage digital sculpting and revisions on the go. Creating a prototype with this technology has made the handiwork of sculptors obsolete.

An Industry Aiming for Precision

Vacuum casting is also one of the most efficient methods to create interconnected parts, the programs used to add up the engineering details work on precision terms that still need the human input. Once the developing team of the project has cracked the numbers, the product will be manufactured following these settings with all parts fitting and working to the desired specifications.

Repeated Use

In the past, once a production run was done with a company the casting molds were destroyed once the parts where done and shipped. The digital features of vacuum casting have made possible for the companies offering these services to work on repeated orders and have some room for improvement with demanding clients that need to make revisions on their products. Since volume no longer plays a role, the manufacturing company needs to make periodic maintenance to the casting molds to keep delivering orders.

Money, the Deciding Factor

The rule of thumb for many manufacturers is to create high-quality parts at the lowest costs possible. The push to follow that principle is what has made vacuum casting such an inviting option for many entrepreneurs and established brands alike. Building a plastic part has never been easier than it is now. A single sheet of your plastic of choice can be used to cast out hundreds of parts or products at a fraction of the cost of conventional tooling.

The increasing offer of vacuum casting companies is no coincidence. Make sure to do some research before engaging with any of them. While there are many reputed options out there, some small operations are willing to go one step forward to offer exceptional service at reasonable prices.

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