Four countries with the most affordable prices for students’ travelling

One of the most popular questions of a tourist is ‘Where to have a holiday for an affordable price?’ It concerns not only students. Inexpensive holiday can be offered by many countries in Europe, Asia and America: prices on food, hotels and entertainment are affordable, even with the current rate of the dollar. However, the plane ticket could cost a fortune. Therefore, the 4 countries, which are described below are the countries, where you can have a holiday at a low cost with the account of the ticket’s price. Looking for the most affordable prices? Rent a car on 14cars and you will save on you journey!

  1. Belize

Belize is a country with amazing nature and great opportunities for diving. The climate here is subtropical, and the coastline is considered the best in the world. Foreigners are very welcome here, since travel industry is very beneficial for the country. Especially tourists are fond of the coastal reefs – a real treasure for divers of any skill level. You will get incredible emotions from staying in Belize, as the country is having beautiful nature, the world’s best coastline and subtropical climate.

In Belize, you can rest for $ 500 a month, if taking into account a chic house in a good area for $ 300 a month. You can save considerably by renting it with friends or by settling in a cheaper place.

The remaining $ 200 will be spent on food, souvenirs and entertainment. In addition, buying foodstuffs in the markets and cooking by yourself, you can save a lot more.


  1. Vietnam

Friendly Vietnam has always been of great importance for tourists. Only here you can find a room in a three-star hotel for $ 25 per day, and at the same time get a level of service equal to an expensive complex of Egypt or the Emirates.

The entertainment zone of Vietnamese resorts pleases experienced travelers. The guest here is the main person, regardless of the country from which he or she has arrived. In most recreation areas, all conditions are created for the guests to make the holiday complete. On average, for a couple of weeks, not more than $ 500 is spent on entertainment here.

Meals are often included in the price of the hotel. According to www.tripadvisor.com , the average price at Vietnamese hotel cafes is 8-10 dollars for a full dinner. Shopping in Vietnam is as well pleasing the tourists. Local markets have long considered cheap. Few tourists return from Vietnam without a huge bag with all sorts of inexpensive clothes, shoes and souvenirs.


  1. Cambodia

It is impossible to get to Cambodia, (and the neighboring Vietnam), without a visa. Nevertheless, an additional expense item is compensated by relatively inexpensive tourist vouchers, as well as reasonable prices for rooms even in prestigious hotel complexes.

The monthly cost of living here starts from 200 dollars. This is higher than the minimum price rates in Thailand or Vietnam, because, in recent years, the demand for tours to Cambodia is growing. Most hotels are cozy comfortable buildings near beaches and important sights.

Shopping and cultural programs of Cambodia are also attractive for the tourists. The markets and shopping centers here are slightly more expensive than in Vietnam, but still definitely cheaper than in most countries of the Asian region.

  1. Thailand

This country is rightfully considered the cheapest for independent rest. With proper luck, you can even find yourself a room for $ 100 per month. In Thailand, it is also possible to rent a wonderful house near the beach or directly on the beach quite cheaply.

Concerning the foodstuff-it is very cheap as well, especially if you cook yourself. The prices for vegetables, meat and most fruits in Thailand are very low. If you do not want to cook, you can have a lunch at a local café, consisting of noodles or rice with meat and some kind of a drink, for just one dollar.

The same low prices are for other goods, including clothing. If you are not too concerned about the availability of brand and quality, then in Thailand you can do a perfect shopping.


To summarize, there are many options for cheap holiday. Of course, it’s much easier to go abroad with the help of an agency. You bring them money and the specialists will take care of buying tickets, booking a hotel and processing documents. But the overpayment for the work of these very specialists is really huge – you can save from 5 to 20% of the cost of the tourist voucher. For example, self-preparation of a visa will already give you a saving of one hundred euros – this is how much the agent’s service will cost. Making visa to some countries is very simple, so do not be afraid of paperwork – you will have to waste some time, but the saving would be impressive.

If you necessarily want to stay in the hotel, then it should be booked in advance and via the Internet. Sometimes, with a prepayment for a couple of months before the arrival, great discounts are offered. Also it is worth remembering that hotels near the sea are much more expensive – it is only necessary to choose a hotel a little further, and the price will be several times lower. In addition, the rooms with a beautiful scenery cost more.

However, it is possible to stay not only in hotels. In many foreign countries, you can rent a room or a private house very cheaply, so you can spend half as large money. Another inexpensive option of accommodation are hostels, where one night can cost from three dollars.


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