How To Choose The Best Engagement Rings

How To Choose The Best Engagement Rings

Marriage is one of the most important decision of the life and a wonderful turning point of an individual. And engagement is the pre-event of the marriage. This is so important too. And an engagement ring is the tradition of any engagement. A set of beautiful engagement rings increases the happiness of your fiance and make the event more wonderful.

But choosing a beautiful engagement ring wasn’t so easy even isn’t too! For choosing a ring for engagement, you need to look after some factors in order to pick the best one. So, for the purpose of helping you in this case, we’re here with some engagement choosing tips. Let’s have a look so that you the find the most appropriate engagement ring for your own.


None of us is beyond tradition. And in case of marriage and engagement, tradition has a great role too. Different person has different tradition according to his/ her country and religion. And it is a good idea to keep the tradition in mind before choosing an engagement ring.


Style- the most important fact of selecting a new engagement ring. In another word, style is everything. For any kind of jewelry, people usually notice about the style first. So, you must choose an engagement ring with an attractive and adorable design. An engagement ring is the starting memory of your couple life, so it should be the best! Pick carefully!


Well, for an engagement ring, metal is too important. The metal part of a ring provides additional value to the rings. Basically, there are some most common and elegant metals for rings such as Platinum, Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold and Silver.

Platinum is an extremely durable, elegant, corrosion resistant and rich metal. This metal is more expensive and hypoallergenic than gold. The beauty of platinum has given it more popularity. Platinum is the perfect metal for engagement rings.

Gold has been being using as jewelry for more than thousands of years. The color of the gold indicates the nobility of a person. There are various kinds of gold. Such as Rose gold (made by gold associated with silver and copper, and more durable than general gold) and White gold (made by pure alloying gold associated with silver, palladium or white metal, and has a better lasting life than general gold).

Besides, gold comes with various kinds of purity. 24 Karat gold is the purest gold we can get.

Silver is another popular metal for engagement rings because of its cheap cost and shiny look. Silver is not the most durable metal but it has enough durability.

Diamond Shape:

Diamond rings are the most common and most adorable, especially unique black diamond engagement rings. But here is one thing to understand. There are various shapes of diamonds and they come with different cuts. For engagement rings, different shapes of diamonds carry different meanings.  In order to pick the ring of your own favorite and own meaning, you may talk to the shop or ask an experienced person.


The setting makes the rings complete. Only metal and diamond isn’t enough to make a perfect engagement ring. The setting is also important to rings. There are many common setting for engagement rings such as Prong setting, Three-Stone setting, Antique/ Vintage setting, Cluster setting, Shank/ Split Shank setting, Solitaire setting, Tiffany setting, Bezel set, Channel setting, Tension Style setting, Bar setting, Flush setting, Cathedral setting etc. Various settings make the ring various styles based. So, before ordering a ring, choose carefully your setting style of the ring.

Hope, this guide will help you to find your perfect engagement ring. By the way, Good luck with your new couple life.

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