How To Control Your Cholesterol Level With Niacin

How To Control Your Cholesterol Level With Niacin?

For many decades, it has been quite clear that cholesterol reduction is essential if you want to deal with heart diseases. Potent anti cholesterol drugs and low cholesterol diets may not be enough. In fact, the former could potentially cause various side effects and serious potential risks. It is believed that an elevated level of cholesterol could cause the formation of arterial plaque, which is also known as atherosclerosis. The affected artery could have reduced blood flow, making it possible for heart attacks and strokes more likely to happen. Fortunately, proper selection of supplements could lower your cholesterol level rapidly. The vitamin can be obtained for little cost, compared to various statin drugs, such as Crestor or Lipitor.

For people with cholesterol problem, the wonder vitamin is called niacin or vitamin B3. Regular consumption of niacin may significantly and rapidly lower the level of cholesterol. Any nutritionist would agree that niacin in a champion when it comes to combating high cholesterol level. By consuming 3000mg of niacin each day, it is possible that you can lower the level of cholesterol by 25 percent in just two weeks. However, you should know that high consumption of niacin has a pronounced side effect, the skin erythema that lasts for about 30 minutes and it may look like sunburn. The release of histamine may cause the tingling sensation. Histamine is also the same substance that may your noise to get runny, similar to when you have an allergy.

Due to this problem, it is recommended not to take high doses of niacin immediately. You should start with a dose slightly higher than normal. This will allow you to build up tolerance gradually, before you take higher doses. Fortunately, you can take inositol hexanicotinate, which is a flush-free version of niacin. It provides you with a sustained release of niacin, so you will be able to minimize the flush. It is important that you should be able to enjoy the benefits, without the problematic and annoying flush.  If you should get up to 3,000mg of niacin each day, you need to get only up to 2,000mg of the short-acting niacin. If you exceed these limits, it is possible that you will suffer from liver damage, due to chemical hepatitis.

If you already take prescribed statin drugs, it is important to avoid taking niacin supplements on your without your doctor’s consent. If you are doing it wrong, it is possible that you suffer from various side effects, such as cramps and muscle aches. In a more serious situation, you may have muscle cell dissolution. When it happens, myoglobin, a pigment can be released from muscle cells into your bloodstream, potentially clogging up your kidneys and damaging them permanently. If it happens for a long run, fatal renal failure may happen. Red yeast rice is another natural way of lowering the cholesterol level by blocking the cholesterol synthesizing enzyme. So, if you already have the red yeast rice, it is important to go easy with the niacin supplementation.

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