How to Remove Scratches from a Car

Car scratches are quite unavoidable and occur every so often in the life of an automobile owner and are caused by a variety of things. However, what’s important is not how you got them rather than how you’ll get them out which is what we’ll be looking at shortly. That said, here is a compilation of effective car scratch remedies that are not only easy on your pocket but very effective as well.

1) Using a proven scratch removal product


Normally the paint job on a car spans about three layers with a primer sandwiched between a top “lacquer” layer and a protective bottom that protects against corrosion. Most scratches traverse the first layer and this is where a scratch removal product comes in handy as it can fill out the distorted paint and get rid of the visible marks. Please note that scratch removal products are tailored for light scratches and deeper ones will require a more comprehensive approach.

2) Channeling the healing power of toothpaste


At the start of the new millennium, CD and DVD discs were the in-form media devices that came with the conundrum of scratches which would build up over time and render the discs unreadable. To get around this problem, some would turn to spirit-soaked cotton wool for help and others would seek a solution in regular household commodities such as toothpaste. The latter proved quite effective due to its gentle abrasive properties which is why not so long after, many turned to toothpaste to get out stubborn scratches from their cars whose exterior is quite similar to the glossy underbelly of CD and DVD discs.

3) Covering up the mess with a dash of duct tape


The uses of duct tape in and around the home make an overflowing list and you can add one more purpose to that list as it also helps with car scratches. For small scratches that don’t run out too long, you can use adhesive tape of a similar shade to cover up the scar. This method is usually more of a short fix than a permanent solution but it will keep you going for a while.

4) Using a car-color spray


For light scratches, using a car-color spray to paint over the surface is an easy and effective technique. You’ll need a spray can for scratches of great breadth but for minute streaks requiring intricate focus, touch up paint is the way to go. Before using either, ensure the working area is thoroughly cleaned and sanded with fine-grit sandpaper. Also remember to apply a clear coat after using touch-up paint or a color spray and give it a good waxing to attain that brand-new, glossy finish.

5) Turn the scratch into decorative detailing


Methods 1 through 4 will work for small to moderate scratches but deep cuts will need a paint job overhaul. If you don’t have the money to spare at the moment, then you can make lemonade out of lemons by fashioning some fancy artwork incorporating the scratch as part of the decorations. You can use stickers or colored decals, you name it, around the marks so that it comes off as something intentional.

And that’s pretty much how to deal with car scratches.

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