Keep Up with Fashion: 7 Clothing Items A Modern Gentleman Must Have in His Wardrobe

For sure, most guys out there want to dress at their best. However, some of them don’t know where to begin. Yes, fashion is very volatile and unpredictable. Trends and seasons change, and most probably what is in today might be out the next day. Thus it might be hard for men to keep up.

But in spite of the regular shift in fashion, there are quintessential men’s clothing that will always make you look good, regardless of the time or the year. To know more, listed below are seven clothing pieces that should be in every modern gentleman’s closet.

Crisp White Dress Shirt

Keep Up with Fashion: 7 Clothing Items A Modern Gentleman Must Have in His Wardrobe

You can never go wrong with a crisp white dress shirt, from weddings to office meetings, this clothing piece is certainly essential to every guy’s closet. It can make you look simply stylish in everything you do. Just make sure that it fits you perfectly.

At Least Two Belts

If you happen to have an ill-fitting pair of pants, you will certainly need something that will ensure that your trousers don’t slip. As such, you must have at least two good belts, preferably one brown belt and one black belt made from solid and durable leather, and you will never have to worry about your pants slipping off.

Men’s Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are not only for layering these days because it has become one of the most favorite menswear in the last years. With different styles and designs, and its obvious appeal, it will certainly give color and pattern in your closet without breaking any rules or attracting tons of attention.

You can simply layer it over an understated shirt on warm days. Or button it up when cold wind strikes, and layer under a wool overcoat or a denim jacket.

Fitting Jeans

Keep Up with Fashion: 7 Clothing Items A Modern Gentleman Must Have in His Wardrobe

Perfect fitting denim jeans are typical in every modern gentleman’s closet, most especially, if it fits your legs like a glove. With that said, you will need at least one pair of dark-washed jeans because you can wear it at any occasion and at any time.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is certainly helpful, especially for the rainy months. If you feel that wool is too warm for you, then you can always opt for a trench coat. You can find many styles and designs in the market, so you will never have to worry finding one.

Its good looks and beauty will take your look through the rainiest months of the year with calmness and composure. Trench coats will keep you warm and dry, but also stylish through the stormy days.   

Men’s Dress Watches

Complete your ensemble by incorporating fancy dress watches in your outfit. Although we have our own mobile devices to check the specific time of the day, that is not the main reason why a modern gentleman needs a dress watch.

Every guy needs a dress watch to flatter any formal wear or business suit. It is a way of conveying power, class, and maturity. Like those male artists on television who regularly check their watches and go on with their busy lives.

However, you don’t have to glance at your watch very often. It is there to give prominence to your style. Who knows maybe one of these days you meet a beautiful woman who may ask you for the time. And that is when you can act as a genuine gentleman.

Plain White Shirt

A neat and clean white tee is an excellent throw-on clothing item that will serve as a layering base in any season, and will certainly compliment almost anything you own. From cardigans to blazers, plain white tees will make you look and feel good.

Make sure that you buy a plain white shirt made from good quality cotton because it will make you feel not only fancy, but it will surely last long. Also, your hands will never suffer from washing this kind of clothing piece.


In spite of the constant change in fashion trends, there are clothing pieces and dresses that must be in every modern gentleman’s wardrobe. White dress shirts, belts, flannel shirts, fitting jeans, trench coats, dress watches, and plain white shirt are some of the essential things.

Keep your closet looking well-defined by incorporating these items into your wardrobe. As such, you will never have to worry about looking good no matter the season, time, or year.

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