Phone Basics Maximising The Use Of Your Mobile Phone

Phone Basics: Maximising The Use Of Your Mobile Phone

We present 5 ways in which your phone can make daily life much simpler.

Your phone is one of the smartest devices in your life – and the most prized. Think about it: what do you do when you want information, or want to watch a new cat video, or transfer money to another person? You just reach out for your phone and do the deed.

Here are 5 ways to maximize the use of your mobile phone:

1 Recharge your phone and DTH connection.

The most important function your phone can do is become the gateway for online recharge. This is useful for those who have prepaid connections on their phone and also DTH TV connections at home. The phone has the mobile provider’s app downloaded on it – simply open the app to the recharge online within just a few minutes. You can also use the app to do the DTH recharge, or access the mobile provider’s website on your phone to do the online recharge.

2 Make your phone your virtual banker.

Your phone holds the app to your bank, or it can help you access the desktop version of the bank’s site. Check your account balances on the go, automate bill payment by enrolling for ECS debit facility, transfer payments to business associates or friends, and gain greater control over your finances – all with the use of your smartphone. You never need to visit the bank ever again if you have your smartphone doubling up as your virtual banker.

3 Make your phone your work partner.

Many of us today have the option of functioning remotely from the office, and also exercise the company’s flexi-hours policy some days in the week. But you may not always be seated at your desk if you are out of the office. Instead of looking for an Internet café or a place with a free Wi-Fi connection, simply work out of your smartphone. The more advanced the model of the phone, the more options you get in terms of video editing, file sharing, video calling and even making presentations on the fly.

4 Use your phone for recreation.

Most people today use their phones to watch movies and videos on. It’s a fun way to stay on top of many new trends and watch content that you don’t have the time to watch on your home TV set. Plus, many new shows are streamed online before they are aired on TV, so you can be amongst the first ones to watch these shows on your smartphone.

5 Make your phone your fitness partner.

Another useful benefit of aligning your smartphone with your daily life is in maintaining good health. Sounds strange? Here’s how it works: your phone can hold a variety of fitness, nutrition and diet apps that help you work out better and eat healthier. There are some apps that monitor your heart rate, sleeping patterns, daily activity (steps walked, floored climbed, etc.) and also how much water you have consumed during the day. Collectively, these apps can help you lead a more disciplined, fitter life.

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