Portrayal Of POTUS In Films

Portrayal Of POTUS In Films

Hollywood and politic seems to make a rather interesting interaction. There are many genres of films that involve the POTUS, including action, sci-fi, drama, comedy, war and biography. Some of the president-themed films managed to achieve the box office blockbuster status. Nixon (1995) is a chronicle of Richard Nixon from his youth to the moment he left White House due to the Watergate scandal. Played by Anthony Hopkins and Joan Allen as the first lady, the film gained Academy Award, BAFTA, Screen Actors and Golden Globe nominations. All the President’s Men also portrayed the Watergate debacle, starred by Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Jason Robards, Hal Holbrook, Meredith Baxter, Jane Alexander and Ned Beatty.

The film gained four Oscars, especially Jason Robards, for his supporting role as Ben Bradlee. Frost/Nixon (2008) also have un a dramatic account of the disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon and David Host, the esteemed talk show host. Directed by Ron Howard, the film was starred by Michael Sheen as David Frost and Frank Langella as Nixon. The film also gained tremendous success with 47 nominations, including five nominations for Oscar. It gets 16 award wins. W.(2008) gave us a glimpse into the life of George W. Bush, which was portrayed by John Brolin. Other roles starred by Richard Dreyfuss (Dick Cheney), Colin Hanks (speech writer), Jeffrey Wright (Colin Powell) and Toby Jones (Karl Rove).

Hyde Park on Hudson is based on the love affair or Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Margaret Suckley, his cousin. The film is part drama, part biography and part comedy. The setting was in 1939, during the visit of the king and queen of Great Britain to the United States. The role of FDR is played by Bill Murray and Laura Linney as (Suckley aka. Daisy).  Lincoln (2012) is another smash hit and it is set during the turbulent era of Civil War. The movie shows how Abraham Lincoln struggled to keep the country united, while ensuring the emancipation of the slaves. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film has A-list cast with the role of Lincoln played by Daniel Day-Lewis and Mary Todd Lincoln by Sally Field. Other major roles in the film are played by Tommy Lee Jones, Hal Holbrook, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Spader and David Stratham.

John F. Kennedy is among the most enigmatic presidents of the United States. JFK (1991) is based on the investigation of New Orleans district attorney, Jim Garrison, after the assassination in Dallas. This is a topic thick with conspiracy theories and fans were not disappointed. Garrison discovered that there’s much more to this incident than what’s known by the general public. The film is starred by Kevil Costner (Garrison) and Ed Asner (Guy Bannister). Thirteen Days (2000) is another film that is released to much acclaim, which show us the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962.

Many other films show us fictional US presidents. Among the most notable is President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman) in Independence Day (1996), a former Gulf War pilot. A memorable scene of the film is his inspiring speech before he directly leads the air attacks on the giant alien sphere above Area 51.

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