Relax in Las Vegas: 6 Ways to Avoid Typical Tourists’ Mistakes

Americans say that all roads lead to Las Vegas. So, it’s hard not to agree with this fact, because the number of travelers who come to the famous Sin City can be compared with the tourist flow in New York during the Christmas period.

Usually, holidaymakers pick up rental car in Las Vegas and visit the city for gambling, endless alcohol and love, even if it’s momentary. In order to save your budget and have fun at the same time, we will tell you what you shouldn’t do in Las Vegas.

Never use ATMs in casinos

After arriving in Las Vegas, you must remember one simple thing – this city is designed to pull money out of you, and this can be done so elegantly that you won’t even notice it. One of the ‘tricks’ that is widespread in the city is the additional charges in ATMs that are located in the casino.


(photo by Roadsidepictures)

Given that the number of casinos in Las Vegas exceeds the number of restaurants, you can imagine how much extra money banks receive from such a business. They are based on the fact that being in a fit of excitement you don’t want to run anywhere to receive cash, but withdraw the necessary amount directly in the hall.

In this case, extra charges reach 15%, which is the maximum rate you pay in excess of the required amount. Thus, it’s better to withdraw money away from the Las Vegas Strip.


Dress modestly

Although you are on vacation, but in Las Vegas you need to think that you are wearing. Leave bright tights and shirts with rhinestones at home. Otherwise you will be mistaken for a person from an escort agency. The rule is dress elegantly, but discreetly. In many establishments you will be allowed only in the evening dress, so in any case, take something appropriate with you.


(photo by Rick Cameron)

Also, pay attention to accessories. Men shouldn’t wear expensive and shiny watches, as they are most likely to be accepted as a pimp, and women should be extremely attentive to red lipstick and high heels. In general, be more modest, and you’ll spend your vacation without incidents.


Eat well

Designed for a huge flow of tourists, Las Vegas offers travelers quite a lot of various eateries. However, don’t follow the low prices and don’t run to the first establishment which serves ‘Lunch for only $11’.

Dinner. So good.

(photo by Duane Storey)

This is a cunning marketing move that, oddly enough, attracts thousands of tourists who dream of saving on food. But the final of this savings will be sad: scrambled eggs will look like a watery substance, the bread will resemble a brick, and the juice will taste like some kind of medicinal tincture.

If you want to save money, dine in hotels and away from the main tourist places. For example, Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas or Denny’s are excellent spots with reasonable rates.


Avoid quick wedding

Las Vegas is famous for being able to get married there in just a couple of minutes. Someone does it in a drunken state, someone is just curious, and someone quite seriously considers this ceremony accompanied by the tearful songs of Elvis’s twin to be a landmark event in their lives.


(photo by Helen Scott)

We hurry to disappoint you. At first, this marriage probably doesn’t have the validity in your homeland. Secondly, almost 50% of such marriages lead to divorce. Thirdly, the ceremonies are very monotonous and it’s not necessary to wait for some enchanting show.

Although for $160, which is the average cost of the ceremony, you can simply test yourself if you need such commitments at the moment.


Don’t use the Internet in the hotel

The United States is a country where you won’t have any problems with the Internet access. However, Las Vegas is an exception. It concerns the Internet in hotels. Its high cost for a long time will discourage your desire to ‘surf’ your favorite pages.

Free Wireless Internet

The average price is $15, and the quality is so bad that you will break something faster, rather than having at least one page loaded. But going outside the hotel, you will receive excellent and free Wi-Fi connection.

There are several thousand points in the city, where you can easily go to the page you need or download the map for searching of some sights.


Don’t miss the flight

When you pre-paid a flight ticket, you usually prefer to arrive one hour before the departure of the plane. In Las Vegas, this rule won’t work. McCarran International Airport is famous for its lines that can stretch out beyond the building.

Visual Separation - Las Vegas, NV  USA

(photo by g Tarded)

The fact is that the border guards rather carefully inspect the luggage of those who fly away from there. It sometimes takes up to 30 minutes.

Therefore, if you want to fly on time and without hassle – come in advance, at least two hours before departure. If the inspection procedure is fast, then you can finally enjoy ‘one-armed bandits’ or ‘fortune wheel’ at the airport.

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