Sailing vacation (Caribbean vs. Mediterranean)

In sailing circles, the debate over whether to have a sailing vacation on the Mediterranean or Caribbean sea is the fiercest argument one can have with many torn between the two water bodies. To help settle this age-long debate, here a few pointers about what each sea has to offer.

1) Temperature


The Mediterranean region experiences hotter summer temperatures than the Caribbean but during the winter season, it is the other way around. Winter seasons in the latter are usually quite warmer than in the Mediterranean where the cold periods are significantly colder. Depending on what your ideal definition of good weather is, you’ll find either place appealing.

2) Rain and wind


Rain is often not a sailor’s friend and in the Caribbean, it pours randomly, heavily and frequently as opposed to the Mediterranean where heavy rains are concentrated during the winter period with occasional summer showers. The wind, on the other hand, is a lot more dependable in the Caribbean where it blows regularly and with a moderate intensity that is perfect for great sailing vacation. The Mediterranean also has its share of excellent winds but they tend to blow unpredictably and far less often so you’ll have to top up the sail with some mechanical effort.

3) Sealife


If the world below tickles your fancy, then you’ll find the Caribbean a lot more enthralling as it is blessed with a marine diversity that few water bodies can match. While the Mediterranean has plenty of sea species as well, it is significantly outnumbered in terms of biodiversity. What’s more, the fish population in the Mediterranean has dwindled considerably in recent years due to overfishing that is steadily running some varieties into extinction.

4) Currency


You’ll find it easier to carry out your transactions- marine fees, fuel costs, food expenses etc- in the Mediterranean as most of the countries along this sea are members of the European Union hence have a shared currency. Meanwhile, a number of currency varieties are accepted in the Caribbean which can make going about your transactions quite the hassle.

5) Cuisine differences


The Caribbean menu excels specifically with exotic drinks and beverages but when it comes to vegetables, fish, meat and the likes, they come out second best to the Mediterranean diet which is filled with too many scintillating dishes to count. To highlight the vast gap between the two cuisines, you just have to head on over to the Caribbean French islands to realize that the only two things that the islands have in common with the country French is the name they share. Otherwise, the differences are distinctively glaring.

6) The sun


You are going to need loads of sunscreen if you plan on sailing the Caribbean as many who have passed through its waters have claimed that the sun seemed hotter than in the Mediterranean. It might seem hard to quantify this aspect but it does hold water given that the former is located near the equator while the Mediterranean is further up the globe and closer to the cooler northern hemisphere.

And that’s six differences to help ease your mind and ensure you make the right vacation choice. With regards to which is the better destination, that debate doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon so it’s all down to you.

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