The Best Hoodie Brands Of 2020

The Best Hoodie Brands Of 2020

Hoodies have come along way in since their origin, from being a comfy sweater to a villainized garment and now peppering the front row of design week and worn by celebs worldwide. Now hoodies represent so many different styles from skate and streetwear to Athlerisure and designer – but who offers the best hoodies and why? Luckily for you, we’ve got 5 of the best brands here for 2020.

Sports Luxe – Champion

The heritage sports brand Champion has always been an icon in the sports industry, but in the past few years, it has added a luxe designer style to its hoodies. They’ve kept to the traditional small logo on the chest and kept detail strong with the fan favourite emblem on the sleeve. So if you’re looking for a casual-luxe hoodie, your first stop should be a Champion grey sweat. 

Streetwear – FADED

FADED is an up and coming mens streetwear brand that quote “AINT STOPPIN”. They consistently released premium quality products for years and reasonable prices, and their hoodies are next level. The design doesn’t stick to the traditional fast fashion plan and create plenty of different designs. With details graphics, heavy branding and simple designs, their heavyweight garment gives you a luxe feel you’ll want to wear every day. Their Men’s Graphic T-shirts use the same principles too, so check them out!

Skate – Thrasher

Too often are Skate and street cultures are mixed up, but with Thrasher, they don’t make it any clearer that they are a Skate brand. Their hoodies offer the iconic flame logo in thick heavy designs, but if you’re looking for something a little different, Thrasher tends to provide dozens of different font types to give everyone their own unique look. 

Cult Icon – Comme Des Garcons PLAY

Out of nowhere PLAY has come into the limelight with their icon heart and eyes logo. The brand takes simplicity and luxury to a new level with their essentials range. While we’ve put it in the cult category for its mysterious appears and emblem, it’s certainly also a designer brand.

Designer – OFF WHITE

Streetwear? Skatewear? The infamous OFF WHITE is known by many names, but in essence, it’s a designer brand with prices to match. OFF WHITE is a brand for those looking for a stand out design with front, back and arm print on the hoodie. It’s not a brand for everyone, but OFF WHITE knows how to make hoodies for anyone into their designers. 

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