The Designer Brands Turning To Streetwear Collaborations

Collaborations have always been popular within the fashion industry. In recent years, we’ve seen some incredibly cool and often unexpected streetwear and designer merges. From the likes of Louis Vuitton working with Supreme to Virgil Abloh’s Off-White collaboration with Nike; here are the best designer’s who’ve released collections with streetwear brands:


Tommy Hilfiger x Vetements

The Tommy Hilfiger and Vetements partnership was long-awaited. They released 57 looks showcased in an exclusive lookbook modelled by real people on the streets of Zurich. The collection was unisex, and predominately featured hoodies, t-shirts and other slouchy streetwear pieces. Hilfiger himself said the reason they decided to collaborate with Vetements is because they’re a cool brand who are genius in what they do.


Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals

Adidas have continued to work with Alexander Wang since their first collection launched in 2016. What started as monochromic everyday staple pieces has transformed into neon streetwear with a designer twist. The range featured tearaway mens full tracksuit bottoms, soccer tops and neon trainers. One stand-out part of this collaboration is the excellent quality of each piece, a credit to both brands in this ongoing partnership.


Off-White x Nike

Ever since Off-White stepped onto the scene it’s been one of the hottest labels across the world. So no collaboration was more loved than Off-White’s collection released with Nike. The range incorporated 10 Nike classic silhouettes reimagined by Off-White. The trainers flew off the shelves, coveted by sneakerheads everywhere. They were easily some of the most hyped released of the year. Every celebrity from Kanye West to Naomi Campbell was pictured in the trainers.


Louis Vuitton x Supreme

The Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration was by far the most surprising in history. Since Louis Vuitton filed a cease and desist letter against Supreme after they used their logo on their pieces back in 2000, the two have come a long way. The range features every streetwear piece imaginable from hoodies to logo t-shirts, but also other branded products such as skateboards, leather trunks and leather accessories. Pieces were loved by celebrities like Beyoncé, Madonna and 2 Chainz. It’s likely the pair will release another drop in the future considering the incredible success of this one.


Gucci x Coco Capitán

Gucci have long been trying to diversify their image. Thanks to Coco Capitán, they may have just succeeded. Gucci’s creative director enlisted Spanish artist Coco Capitán to create a range of graffiti-style pieces. The collection featured t-shirts, hoodies, caps, tracksuits and other streetwear essentials. The collaboration gained a lot of attention for both brands, rocketing Gucci into the official streetwear worthy club.

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