The Great Battle Of Pizza In The US

The Great Battle Of Pizza In The US

After Italian immigrants brought pizza to the New World, the great pizza controversy emerged. In the United States, there are plenty of debates regarding how a pizza should be. The crust can be thin or thick. It may have full toppings or just cheese and tomato sauce. It could be place in wood-fired oven or regular electric oven. Some people also don’t want to have only round pizza and they use different shapes. Whether the crust should be thin or thick is the start of the big debate. In many restaurants, we are allowed to choose a thick or thin pizza. However, in places like New York or Chicago, it’s considered a sacrilege to order an inappropriate thickness. Pizza lovers in Chicago value their deep-dish pies that are fully loaded with topping. The bottom crust should be quite crispy, while the top is somewhat gooey. The blend of the cheese and sauce could create the melt in your mouth sensation. On the other hand, pizza purists in New York would strongly argue that thick crust pizzas are simply wrong.

They want their pizza crispy and thin, even with a little burn on the crust. The trick is to make the crust properly crisp, so it will be strong enough to hold the toppings, sauce and cheese. With original, rustic sauce and the best possible cheese, people often argue that they don’t even need additional topping with their New York pizza. Another problem is whether you should make your pizza round or square. In New York, pizzas are round, but it is more likely to find square pizza in Chicago, especially with a variant of the deep-dish variant. Regardless of the above variations, you will find common toppings in American pizzas, such as sausage, pepperoni, onions and mushrooms. In fact, in New England states, you may find a tasty pizza with very luscious white sauce, fresh clams and some garlic. In warm, coastal parts of the country, such as Florida, Hawaii and California; it is more likely that you get a more tropical variant of pizza with pineapple, which combines quite well with the tomato sauce.

In the Midwest, it may be necessary bring extra napkins, because their juicy pizza is often fired up with hot chilis and jalapenos. The Southern parts of the United States have their own variant of pizza, known as the breakfast pizza, which is covered in bacon, sausage, eggs and gravy. People have different opinions on what make the best pizza, but if you open your mind a bit, you will understand the uniqueness of each variant of pizza.

Across the country, the age-old battle on pizza is still raging and perhaps, people will never agree on what’s the best pizza. Whether you like it covered thick with topping or plain, thick or thin crust, or round or square; you should always get the best possible pizza in the country and try to open your mind. Every pizzeria in the United States will vouch that they have the best pizza and we need to respect that.

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