Tips and Hacks For Your Beach Trip! Take More from Your Vacation!

Tips and Hacks For Your Beach Trip! Take More from Your Vacation!

Do you like spending your free time at the beach? You should be well-prepared to enjoy your sunny vacation to the full instead of suffering from such unpleasant moments as sun burns or just bad weather. There are special tips to remember your pleasant beach time for years. Of course, your holidays shouldn’t be boring. Try to download all possible mobile apps on your phone to have such important options as car booking, hotel booking or nearest fish restaurants for dinner. Thus, 14cars offers the most comfortable drop-top cars for more than affordable prices. These helpful apps are able to make your trip unforgettable.

Let’s go to the beach! A perfect beach vacation needs careful planning as it must ideal for both good and nasty weather. And, of course, you must think positive! Read the tips below.

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  1. Pick Right Beach

What do you expect from you vacation? Just answer this question to pick the best place for you. Do you prefer noisy and crowded places to quiet lazing in the sun? Are you going to travel with kids or just need a good company to hang out with friends? Do you want to find a pet friendly place or you are afraid of dogs? Make a research to find that place which is good for you in all aspects and meet all your requirements.

  1. Take Sun Lounger and Even More

What kind of beach relaxation do you prefer? If you want to rest on a warm soft sandy beach, you should take a cover with you. Instead, you can find a comfortable beach with all modern facilities, like specially equipped showers, food courts, kiddy attractions, and sun loungers. If you like comfortable beaches, you should take nothing with you, except for your friends and family. Going to the wild quiet places at the sea, try to take a car for rent and pack everything important that you need for you vacation, including food, sun beds, sun umbrella, drinks. Spending your vacation with kids you should think of a good roomy car and a lot of spare clothes, and other little things. Traveling solo, backpack is enough to spend time on a wild territory with minimum comfort!

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  1. Protection

Don’t even try to go to the beach unprotected! Your pleasant hours can be easily spoiled by the sun burns, insect bites, cuttings. So, be ready to cope with it!

Protect your body from the harmful sun influence! It’s not a problem to do that! Just buy a tube of sun protective cream and don’t forget to check the sell-by date. It is recommended to use a broad-spectrum formula with SPF 15 and more.

Protect your feet with comfortable footwear! Flip-flops are not expensive. But they are not the right shoes for walking and running. If you will do nothing on your vacation but going to the beach, flip-flops or light sandals are ok. But this sort of shoes cannot protect your feet on a long excursion. Try to spend more money and buy a good pair of sandals to use in a hot day.


  1. Take Beach Bag

You can solve all you luggage problems if you travel by car. It is big enough to take change clothes, food, drinks and other things. But you still need a cozy beach bag to take your cosmetics, swimming suits, wet towel wipes, beach cover. Why do you need a beach bag? Just look at it! The beach bag or so-called basket is made of special netting material that is safe to use in water and sand. It is easy to wash and to dry. Just wash it in the evening and use safely. Zip bags take care of your stuff.

  1. Plan Attractions

Try to plan your vacation same interesting for good and nasty weather. Beach countries have a lot of interesting places to see and to investigate. You can visit museums, historical places, nature attractions or just go hiking. Windy weather is good for surfing or diving, or even yachting! What about rainy weather? Try to Google it first or ask locals to find out one-two spare places to visit on a nasty day.

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  1. Keep Water Balance

You should take healthy food and drink enough water. Try to take bottled water in the countries where the water is not a good quality. Salty and fatty food, physical activity, sweating can cause dehydration. Dehydration in return makes your body unable to regulate temperature. This is a dangerous condition that is also called a heat stroke.

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  1. Take Food and Drinks

The most of the wild beaches don’t have food points to feed you up. If they have, it’s so-called fast food that is hardly healthy. The choice is not big and the food is not always fresh. It is more pleasant to visit a beach restaurant and try some exotic dishes or take a bungalow for rent with in-built kitchen. All needed ingredients are taken from the food store.

Beach vacation is always challenging. It is very pleasant to spend time at the beach with your friends and feel safe at that. So, packing goes after you’ve picked the best place for you trip. Planning, don’t forget to pay attention to such important things as water, food, place to live and beach attractions. There is nothing better than a safe and interesting journey!

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