Top 25 Online Business Tools Used by Entrepreneurs

Smart tools can make all the difference between running a business and running a business efficiently. These tools help entrepreneurs in managing their tasks and projects in an organized manner. With the technology available today, many entrepreneurs successfully run a business with a laptop, good internet connection and an arsenal of some essential powerful business tools. Tools such as a online logo maker or for business cards or an email signature creator can be used individually based on your design needs, or you can go for comprehensive tools which perform more than one function for a department.

Following are some great business tools which have proven themselves to be highly useful for entrepreneurs over time. These tools have been grouped together and divided according to the categories such as Social Media Management, or departments which benefit from them.

Project Management Tools


Trello is a management tool that follows the board and lists layout. Detailed cards can be added to these boards and moved amongst each other as the status for task changes.


Using asana you can create task checklists for yourself or assign it to a team member. These can be organized in the form of boards and lists. Of the great features of this tool is that you can customize columns and sections that suit your workflow process.


In case you require a more descriptive tool instead of lists, you can use Evernote. You can record your ideas and tasks in detail in the form of notes which can be accessed on the go with their desktop and mobile apps.

Zoho Projects

One of the latest apps by Zoho, you can customize your project process. You can create and assign tasks, lists and even discuss with the members using the feed.

Social Media Management Tools


Although this tool is preferred by digital marketing agencies for seeking client feedback and approval. The key features of scheduling the posts, viewing them in feed or calendar format and adding comments make it beneficial for start-ups.  


In addition to the feature of publishing posts across all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram through one platform, with Hootsuite, you gain access to the performance and analytics of each post.


This tool is for businesses using only Facebook marketing. Adespresso has a user-friendly interface and business owners can create a variety of campaigns within minutes.

Zoho Social

Zoho social allows entrepreneurs to manage and publish content for various social platforms. They can also generate reports and collaborate with the team towards improving the overall branding and marketing strategies.


Unlike other social media management tools, Edgar provides a unique feature of organizing and managing all posts based on categories.


A complete marketing engine where you can manage your blog posts as well and collaborate over the entire marketing strategy with the team.

Outsourcing Platforms


At Upwork, you can post a project while allocating the maximum budget for it. Interested and eligible freelancers bid for the project with their price quotes.


An affordable tool favoured by entrepreneurs on a tight budget. You can get a task done for as low as $5!

Virtual Staff Finder

A tool which helps you find the best Virtual Staff based on your requirements from their vast pool of skilled members.

Communication Apps


Slack is a great alternative to mail for internal communication for a company. You can create public or private channels with certain members for a more controlled flow of information.


A great video and audio calling tool with chat feature, Skype has made working remotely a less stressful and beneficial endeavour.

Graphic Design Tools

Designhill’s Tools

Designhill is having a collection of AI-based online graphic designing tools such as logo creator, email signature creator, brochure creator and business card designer all rolled at one place. You can create your own designs with the help of AI or commission your task for professional graphic designers through these tool.

Design Pickle

With a flat monthly rate, you can take your pick of the designed graphics available on the Design Pickle.

Webinar Tools


Zoom offers a platform to conduct web conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing and webinars.


Although a pricey tool for conducting webinars, GoToWebinar is popular due to its reliable and robust performance. It also has an in-built report generation feature along with registration services.


A web-based webinar tool which facilitates the broadcast of live events on Youtube Live, Facebook Live etc.

CRM Apps

Infusion Soft

Infusion soft is a great tool that offering marketing as well as sales software solutions. A great tool with features of CRM, e-commerce, payments solutions, and marketing automation.  

File Sharing Platforms


One of the earliest cloud-based file sharing applications, Dropbox, is secure and helps collate and backup all your files in a central location.

Google Drive

Google drive is preferred by many start-ups as it is one the easiest platform to use and anyone with a Gmail account can access the files shared with them.

Market Analytics Tools


BuzzSumo is a remarkable tool to identify the best performing content. It is great to analyze which influencers or competitors are gaining the most engagement for a topic.

Google Analytics

A free web analytics tool by Google, Google Analytics is great for monitoring and tracking website traffic.

Each of these onine business tools has something unique to offer and once you are armed with the best business tools, running the business will be a breeze!

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