Vegetarian Business Lunch in Los Angeles!

Vegetarian Business Lunch in Los Angeles!

The center of Los Angeles is a popular business center. This is a place of many big and small companies, park territory, cafes and restaurants. Vegetarian food has finally won people’s hearts. Local and newly arrived business people prefer spending their lunchtime in vegan places. Why not? Botanic cocktails and vegan snacks are always available and extremely healthy. Even if you are a newcomer in Los Angeles you can easily find a good vegetarian place for dinner with the help of a popular food app. Also, don’t forget to rent a business car by for transporting you or your colleagues.

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Car rental app is always at hand to get your partners where they need to be. You don’t need to spend much money for buying a new prestigious car if you can take it for hour or day rent. Besides, car rental companies usually have special business rental programs allowing you to get a car for the cheapest price. It can be a winning offer! What else can you get from the car rental company except for attractive rates?

  • Worldwide locations

As a rule, all major car rental companies have a big choice of cars available almost everywhere in the country. What is more, you can find car rental spots far abroad in more than 90 countries. It is not a problem to rent a prestigious business car, 7-seater, SUV or minivan. You will be surprised how big your choice is!

  • Different rental terms

It is very convenient to rent car from different locations and for different rental terms. Los Angeles is a perfect location for businesses of all kinds. You may need a car for an hour or two to meet and transport your corporate friends or for long term to use it for your business. Long-term car rentals are very popular here as nobody wants to waste much money for buying a good prestigious car. You can always take the car for rent and change it every new month!

  • VIP rentals

VIP rental is available for all long-term clients and for people who have bought a special rental package or membership. You can rent anything, including luxury and exotic cars and even trucks 24/7.

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More and more people do care of their health. If your business partners are vegetarians there is no any other alternative but take them to one of many vegetarian restaurants for lunch.

  1. Go to Sage Vegan Bistro

The bistro is located in a beautiful Echo Park. You will be impressed by a big choice of salads, vegetarian sandwiches, tacos. That’s amazing but you will find a twin dish to each of your favorite snacks. It’s not a problem if you love pizza or can’t live without spaghetti. You can hardly feel the difference.

  1. Visit My Vegan Gold

Welcome to a nice Thai restaurant. Actually, this is a kind of cafe and a perfect place for private meetings. Feel free to order everything from a traditional Thai menu. How about fried rice with pineapples and spicy jackfruits? You will be impressed by vegan short ribs served with asparagus. If you want to try something from vegan classic, you should take a mushroom burger.

Chicken Salad for White Rice

  1. Check Flore Vegan

This tiny eatery is waiting for you for lunch and dinner, and for weekend brunch. The many is organic and extremely healthy. Don’t worry about your guests. The menu will suit every taste. The dishes are huge and various. You can try classic vegan sandwiches, smoothies, and impressive desserts. All the sandwiches are usually served with tofu and tempeh bacon.

  1. Go to Veggie Grill

This vegan bar is very popular in a lunch time. This is a kind of fast food cafe which you can find in all big cities in California and abroad. Ask everyone in Pasadena or Santa Monica if they know about Veggie Grill. The cafe serves dishes for affordable price. Of course, there is nothing special but people go crazy for crispy onion rings and buffalo wings.

Onion Rings

  1. Visit Bulan Thai Vegetarian

Having doubts on which cuisine to choose for dinner, give your preference to Thai eateries. Visit Bulan! This restaurant has a wide choice of vegan options. It has become extremely popular! Everyone knows Thai noodles and such specials as busaba pumpkin and green curry. Do you prefer traditional dishes? You can order standard tofu and vegetarian chicken. Veggie shrimps are the best choice for sea food lovers.

Arranging business lunch is a very responsible moment. It would be great if you know about your partners’ taste beforehand. Therefore you can book a right restaurant and win your partner’s favor. Do you want your business lunch be extremely healthy? Take them to one of many vegan cafes in Los Angeles.

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